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Export data file from QuickBooks Online to QuickBooks for Mac

To convert from QuickBooks Online to Mac, you need to export the file to QuickBooks Desktop Windows then convert the Windows file to Mac.

  • You need to use a Windows computer with Internet Explorer 11 or higher when exporting your data file.
  • QuickBooks Desktop for Windows must be the same version or earlier than QuickBooks Desktop for Mac. For example, if you are exporting to QuickBooks for Mac 2016, you need to use QuickBooks for Windows 2016 or earlier versions.
  • Make sure QuickBooks Desktop for Windows is updated to the latest release before converting the file to Mac.

To convert your QBO file to QuickBooks for Mac:

Step 1: Export your data from Online to Desktop.

Step 2: Convert the Windows company file to Mac

  1. Open the company file in QuickBooks Desktop for Windows.
  2. Re-sort lists.
  3. Rebuild and verify your data file.
  4. Go to the File menu, then select Utilities and then Copy Company File for QuickBooks Desktop for Mac.
  5. Save the file in your desired location. This creates a file with the extension MAC.qbb.
  6. Copy the file to a DVD, external hard drive, flash drive, or FTP web site.
  7. Restore the file in QuickBooks Desktop for Mac.
    1. In the No Company Open window, select Browse, then locate the file you want to restore. Note: If your QuickBooks Windows file is on an external drive, save it locally by dragging it to the desired location before restoring it to avoid data corruption.
    2. Select OK when you get the prompt asking if you want to restore a QuickBooks Desktop for Windows file.
    3. Enter a name for the restored file then select Save.

For more information, see Convert a QuickBooks Mac file to QuickBooks Windows and back again.

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