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Import products in bulk

Learn how to import products in bulk in QuickBooks Commerce.

QuickBooks Commerce lets you import products in bulk using CSV files or spreadsheets. It starts with downloading your product sheet, then uploading it with the updated info. 

You can also upload spreadsheets from another platform, ensuring an efficient business workflow. Here’s how.

Step 1: Download your product sheet

  1. In QuickBooks Commerce, go to Inventory, then select Products.
  2. From the Bulk Manage ▼  dropdown menu, select Import New Products
  3. Select I need a product spreadsheet template.
  4. Specify if your product comes with multiple options or without options accordingly.
  5. On the attribute selection window, select the attributes to add in your CSV file. 
    • Add Price List and Sales Channel options if needed. Note: There are a few required attributes that are grayed out and cannot be removed from the template.
  6. Select Build Product Template, then select Download Product Sheet to download the CSV file. 
    • To select other attributes or start over, select the Re-build Product Sheet option.
  7. Open the spreadsheet and enter all required details using Excel or Google sheets.
  8. If all is good, save the spreadsheet as a .csv file.
The Initial Cost and initial stock level columns are very important. Both are used to determine the Moving Average Cost (MAC) of your product. If left blank, the system will default the MAC to 0, which means that the Cost of Goods Sold will be calculated incorrectly once Sales Orders are created. Intelligence reports will also be affected as the correct profits will not be reflected. 

Important: If you use non-English or special characters within your CSV files, encode CSV files using the UTF-8 format to prevent errors when uploading.

Step 2: Upload the product sheet

After editing the data in the downloaded CSV file, you can now upload the product sheet. 

  1. To upload your product sheet:
    • Select Upload filled CSV after downloading the file in the previous step, or
    • Repeat steps 1 and 2 in Step 1: Download your product sheet, then select I have a spreadsheet with product data ready to upload option.
  2. Select Choose File, then select your file or drag the file into the green box.
  3. Select Upload.
    • If you’re uploading an existing spreadsheet exported from another platform, all required fields must match the columns on your spreadsheet. 
      1. On the Confirm CSV Column Headers window, match your spreadsheet’s column headings to the relevant product attributes in QuickBooks Commerce.
      2. Select Continue.
      3. On the Preview and Confirm Import window, check the Products, SKUs, and preview of Columns for import.PreviewConfirm.png
  4. After completing the upload and confirming data for import, select Import Data.

Note: The time to complete Product Import CSV depends upon the number of items you’re importing. Once finished, you’ll receive a confirmation the products were successfully imported.

If you’re having issues uploading your spreadsheet, check out Bulk Import/Update Errors & Troubleshooting, to resolve errors. 

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