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Setup Export of Intuit Full Service Payroll Data to QuickBooks Online


Use this article to set up exporting from Intuit Full Service Payroll to QuickBooks Online.

Connect to QuickBooks Online

Note: If you are using an Accountant's QuickBooks Online account, the Master Admin login credentials of your client's account must be used to setup the export. You cannot export directly to a QuickBooks Online Accountant's account.

  1. Go to the Export Setup page.

    • From the Home tab, click Want to export to QuickBooks? Set up export preferences


    • From the Account Settings tab, click Set up now.
  2. Select QuickBooks Online and click Continue.

  3. Our system will search for your QuickBooks Online account.

    Our system will search by:

    • Realm ID
    • Intuit account
    • Email address
  4. If an account was found, select the User ID with Master or Company Admin access and click Continue. If it's not shown, click Sign in with a different User ID.

  5. Sign into your QuickBooks Online account.

  6. Select the QuickBooks Online company to connect with and click Continue.

  7. On the screen showing the Good Job! message, click Continue.

Map your Chart of Accounts

  1. From the drop-down arrows, select which QuickBooks Chart of Accounts to export to.

    A few notes on the available options:

    • You have 3 options for mapping Expenses accounts: By item type, employee type, or employee name.
    • Liability accounts do not have these 3 options. Any subaccounts should be set up directly in your QuickBooks Chart of Accounts.
    • You may use Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) accounts for Expense accounts.
    • You can create an account in Intuit Full Service Payroll by typing out the account name (do not enter account numbers). Once exported, the account will be created in QuickBooks Online.

    The following set of screens are the available mapping options.

    Bank Account:Wage Expense Accounts:

    All Other Accounts:

  2. Once you've reached the Review page, review your mapped accounts for accuracy and then click Finish!

Send Payroll to QuickBooks

  1. Click Export to QuickBooks after each payroll run.

    The Export to QuickBooks link can be found on the Home page or after each payroll run.

    Home page:

    After submitting payroll:

    Once clicked, a processing wheel will appear until all payroll transactions are sent to QuickBooks Online. Once the export is complete, a confirmation will appear showing all the payroll information that has been exported. Please note, you will be able to export tax payments once they are scheduled to be paid.


How do I change which QBO account I'm connected to?

If the steps below aren't working or you would like further assistance, contact customer support at 866-640-9987

  1. Select the Account Settings tab and then to click Edit in the Export to QuickBooks section.
  2. Click Connect to a different QuickBooks Company.
  3. The system will allow you to select a new company, just like the regular setup flow. Note: The current QuickBooks Online company that your Intuit Full Service Payroll account is connected to will not appear as an option (because the account is already connected to it.)

How do I view or change which accounts are mapped to my export preferences?

  1. Click the Account Settings tab.
  2. Click Edit to the right of Export Settings.
  3. The accounts mapped to your export preferences will display. If you need to make changes, click Edit to the right of the section you need to update, update the account, and click Save.

How are paychecks and tax payments itemized (split) in QuickBooks?

How paychecks are itemized:

In the following example, the employee received $400 in gross wages and a net pay of $239.52. In addition, the employer paid a total of $46.50 for EMPLOYER taxes.

Account Type Debit Credit
Payroll Expenses: Wages
Payroll Expenses: Tax Expense 46.50
Payroll Liabilities: Federal (941/944) 60.83
Payroll Liabilities: IL Income Tax
Payroll Liabilities: IL Unemployment
Payroll Liabilities: Federal Unemployment (FUTA) 1.80
Payroll Liabilities: 401(k)
Payroll Liabilities: Pretax Health Insurance
Totals: 446.50 446.50

How tax payments are itemized:

Account Type Debit Credit
Checking 60.83
Payroll Liabilities: Federal (941/944) 60.83
Totals: 60.83 60.83

Is class tracking supported?

Currently, class tracking cannot be setup to export to your QuickBooks Online account. However, you can still use class tracking in your Intuit Full Service Payroll account. See article 4720.

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