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Add and delete images from products

Learn how to add and delete images from products in QuickBooks Commerce.

In QuickBooks Commerce, it’s easy to manage your product’s images. Upload or drop images, then delete if you want to change them. Here’s how.

Note: Before you upload images, make sure the Color Space and Color Profile is RGB. Images in different formats, such as CMYK, cause issues with your PDF documents (e.g. Tax Invoice, Sales Order, etc.), where images look stretched or are not rendering properly. You can correct the format using Photoshop or any image editor.

Add images

  1. In QuickBooks Commerce, go to Inventory, then select Products.
  2. Select the product name, then select Images.
  3. There are 2 ways to add a new image or images.
    • Option 1: Select either a single or multiple files on your computer, then drag and drop them into the area labeled Drop files here to upload.
    • Option 2: Select Upload Images to open your computer's file selection options.

How QuickBooks Commerce saves images

QuickBooks Commerce currently saves images at the variant level, where each variant has an associated image(s) that are privately assigned and are not available for use with other variants.

After choosing to manage images at the product level, images are saved to the product, rather than to each individual variant. They can then be attached to multiple variants within that same product.

To assign each image to the product's variants, learn more about Managing variant images

Note: Due to the previous requirement of uploading images directly to each variant, if you need to upload the same image to multiple variants, choosing to manage images at the product level will mean that each image will be moved to the product level. This will result in duplicate images when viewing a product's images.If you choose to delete the duplicates, you'll need to reassign the remaining image to your variants. learn more about Managing variant images.

Delete Images

Caution for Shopify users
Deleting a product image within QuickBooks Commerce will also delete the image from Shopify. If the product image was previously attached to a variant, it will be removed from the variant leaving it without an image.
  1. To delete an image from the product, select the image or images.
  2. Select Remove Selected Images.
    Note: Deleting an image from a product may also remove that image from multiple variants if it has already been attached to them.
  3. If all is good, select Yes, Delete Images.

To detach an image from a variant without deleting it, learn more about Managing variant images. If you’re experiencing any issues adding and deleting images, reach out to us. We’re here to help.

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