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Stuck on "Installing ABS PDF driver..." while installing QuickBooks Desktop

While installing QuickBooks Desktop, the installer freezes, stops responding, or gets stuck on the "Installing ABS PDF Driver..." screen.

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This may be happening due to a system issue or slow internet connection. Since QuickBooks Desktop uses ABS PDF to print transactions, it is important that this component be installed.

To resolve this, manually run the ABS PDF installer:

  1. To open Task Manager, press Ctrl+Shift+Esc on your keyboard
  2. Highlight Setup.exe, then select End Task. Don't worry! QuickBooks will still be installed even after closing the installation process.
  3. To open the Run command, press Windows+R on your keyboard.
  4. Type %TEMP%, then press Enter.
  5. Select the Temp folder.
  6. Look for the Prx_usXXrX or Enterprise_usXXrX folder.Note: The X's on this folder are the version, year, and release of your QuickBooks. For example, QuickBooks Pro 2018 R7 will show Pro_us28r7.
  7. Open the Third Party folder, then select ABS.
  8. Double-click ABSPDF412Setup to run the file. Once the installation is complete, open QuickBooks Desktop and register your license.

Note: If the ABS PDF installer still freezes or stops responding, consult an IT specialist to check your system.

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