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Can I install QB Pro Desktop 2016 on a server that already has QB 2016 server manager installed and active?

Originally I installed QB Pro 2016 Server manager on our new server with the option during the install process that only the company databases would be stored on this computer since we have multiple users that need to access these company files. So, no QB desktop was installed at this time.


I also installed QB Pro Desktop 2016 on 2 client PC's. One client has the need to occasionally connect to the QB data bases remotely. We have discovered that using a VPN for this remote connection is not a viable solution. To resolve this remote connection issue, we have decided to use RDP and use QB Desktop directly on the server that is hosting the data files.


Here's my questions:


1. Since QB server manager is already installed on the server, would installing QB desktop cause any installation issues. 


2. If it is okay to install QB Desktop after QB server manager is already installed, which option do I select when installing the Desktop version - company files will be hosted on this computer OR company files will NOT be hosted on this computer.


Obviously the company files are already hosted on this computer.  I know QB can get a little touchy so I would like some advice.


Thank you!



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Re: Can I install QB Pro Desktop 2016 on a server that already has QB 2016 server manager install...

Hi there, @lindao.


I'm here to help share some insights about your QuickBooks Server Manager concern.


To answer your question, installing QuickBooks Desktop on an installed QuickBooks server manager won't cause any installation issue. On the other note, When installing QuickBooks Desktop, you'll need to select the second option which is to the company files will be hosted on this computer. 


To give you more information about the installation process, you may refer to these helpful articles:

However, to ensure that you won't encounter any issues with you company file, I'd suggest upgrading you're QuickBooks to the latest version since you're using the outdated one


In case you need further assistance that needs live technical support, I'd suggest reaching out to our Customer Care Team


Don't hesitate to post again if you have any other questions concerning QuickBooks. I'll be around to help. Have a nice day ahead!