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Does anyone else have issues with System Usability?

Can we PLEASE make the data entry more user friendly? Simple fixes would help greatly.   

Example: Whenever you present a screen to the user - THE CURSOR SHOULD AUTO POP the the first field.  

Example: This endless number and length of screen "wait states" is infuriating.  Is this REALLY necessary?
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QuickBooks Team

Does anyone else have issues with System Usability?

Thanks for posting in the Community, @sucklebuster. I can provide clarification on data entry. 


QuickBooks Online is constantly evolving with the intention of making data entry and usability easier for the user. One example of this is with the ability to import data into the software. For additional information on this, I recommend the following article: Common Questions About Importing Data to QuickBooks Online.


I can see how the option to have the cursor auto pop the first field would be beneficial to you and other users. I've submitted feedback for this, which is sent to the Product Development team when looking at what options to implement in the future. 


In the meantime, I recommend trying the QuickBooks Online Desktop App, which has faster loading times than the browser.  You can find additional information about the app, as well as download it, at the following link: Get QuickBooks Mac & Windows Apps, Powered by QuickBooks Online


There's also the option of using keyboard shortcuts to help speed up data entry. I'm including an article with additional insight into this: What are the Keyboard Shortcuts for QuickBooks Online?.


Please let me know if you should have any questions. Hope you have a pleasant week ahead. 

Level 2

Does anyone else have issues with System Usability?

David - thanks for your reply. 


The second example is also very important to usability - the system wait  AKA spinning cursor is a major slow down - is development aware of this issue? 



QuickBooks Team

Does anyone else have issues with System Usability?

Hello again, @sucklebuster.


You're certainly welcome. I should have mentioned in my first response that I included feedback for both of these. 


The Development team is constantly striving to improve performance and increase speed. I'm including an article with some additional information on this, as well as troubleshooting steps to help improve performance: Why is My QuickBooks Online Slow?


Also, if you get a chance, I recommend trying the QuickBooks Online Desktop App to see if that increases performance. I included the link to download it in my post above. 


I'm a post away if I can be of additional assistance. Best regards. 

Level 2

Does anyone else have issues with System Usability?

David, another Example #3:


After saving a new invoice, the system saves then (apparently) create a new blank invoice - which is displayed on the screen. I then must answer the question (yes)  to do I want to exit without saving. Screenshot attached. 


Steps by Step:

In this example - I created a new invoice #W7036, completed the invoice, selected "Save and Close" - the invoice was saved. 


Instead of exiting to the Invoices or Customer screen - the system generated a new invoice #W7036 - which is blank. 


I must then "Exit without saving" and select YES to get back to the previous screen...



Not applicable

Does anyone else have issues with System Usability?

Hi there, sucklebuster.


Hitting Save and Close after creating an invoice should route you to the last page you’ve accessed prior from creating an invoice. However, if Save and new was selected, then you’ll be having a new blank invoice screen.


Let’s check if your browser is causing this unusual behavior by redoing this process on a private window. You can follow the shortcut key command below to start.

  • For Chrome, press Ctrl+Shift+N.
  • For Internet Explorer or Firefox, press Ctrl+Shift+P.
  • For Safari, hold down Command+Shift+N.

If everything is fine on a private browser, I’d recommend clearing your browser’s cache or switching to a different browser.


Drop by again if you have other concerns with QuickBooks.

Level 2

Does anyone else have issues with System Usability?

Hi Thanks for the feedback - I cleared all the browser cache (Chrome).


Started a private window. 


Looked up am existing customer, entered a new invoice.


Completed the data entry, selected "Save and Close". The invoice saved, then a new invoice popped up and the system dialog box is asking "Do you want to leave without saving?". Screenshot attached.



QuickBooks Team

Does anyone else have issues with System Usability?

Welcome back to the Intuit Community, sucklebuster.

Thanks for following the resolution steps provided by @Anonymous and sharing a screenshot. This gives us a clearer picture of what happened.

Allow me to share some information about this issue. Our engineers are aware that some customers are getting the “Do you want to leave without saving?” after saving the invoice.

They are working on the permanent fix. While waiting for the resolution, I recommend you get in touch with our QBO Support Team.

One of our agents can add your company to the notification list to receive email updates regarding the issue resolution status. You can reach them through here:


  1. Go to the Help at the top, then click on the Contact Us link.
  2. In the How can we help? window, enter contact support in the field box.
  3. Select Continue.
  4. Choose Start messaging or Get a callback.

I will also update this thread once there’s progress.

The information I provide should help you moving forward.

I appreciate your patience while we look into this. If there’s anything else I can help you with, post your comment below. I’m happy to assist you further.  


Level 2

Does anyone else have issues with System Usability?

Another Example: From an invoice - you should be able to see the customers: phone number and notes. 

QuickBooks Team

Does anyone else have issues with System Usability?

Hi there, @sucklebuster.


I appreciate you for taking your time in getting back to us. I'm here to share additional information on how the invoicing feature of QuickBooks Online works.


The ability to add notes and the customer phone number on the invoice automatically is not yet available. What you can do is to either add the phone number in the Billing address section, or add it directly to the other sales information, if you want it listed on the current transaction only. 


On the other hand, you can add notes to your invoices or statements by adding it  as a footer.


Here's how:

  1. Go to the Gear icon.
  2. Choose Custom Form Styles.
  3. Click the New style drop-down.
  4. Select Invoice.
  5. Click on Content tab.
  6. Click the pencil icon on the 3rd box.
  7. Enter your message to the customer.
  8. Click Done.


Also, you can import your own customize invoice in the system. For a more detailed information, you may check out this article: Import custom form styles for invoices.


Stay in touch with us here in the Community if you have other questions about creating an invoice. I'm here to help.

Level 3

Does anyone else have issues with System Usability?

Two more issues with data entry

  1. When I am working on a PO or Invoice and press the "X" in the upper right to close the popup says "Do you want to leave without saving" No or Yes are the only options.  Why not have three buttons like Microsoft Office has had for years - Save, Don't Save, or Cancel.  Or like QBs desktop with Yes, No and Cancel if you close a Invoice/PO.  If I hit X and do want to save I now have to hit No and then go down to the Green button in the lower right and choose the arrow, then Save and close (or the shortcut key if I remember it).  But with three buttons on this popup all these extra steps are eliminated.
  2. When I am working on a PO or Invoice there is no ability to click on and edit the vendor or client.  This seems like an obvious location for a link to these setup screens to confirm/change names, emails, etc.  This ability has been in QBs desktop for years and is very useful.  You can even see the information in the right sidebar of every PO or Invoice so there is no need to open up the client/vendor to see these basic details. 

QBO is intended as a replacement for QBs desktop so I don't understand why these simple data entry functions are not replicated.  I understand there are a lot of difference because they are very different programs but if you want people to feel more comfortable switching then you should try to replicate these basics to help them out.


Does anyone else have issues with System Usability?

Thanks for joining this conversation, @forJO.


I can see how having these additional options would be helpful for you and your business. That said, rest assured that I'll pass along your suggestion to our Product Developers. They're always looking for ideas to consider on how to improve QuickBooks Online (QBO).


In the meantime, I recommend visiting our Blog site. This is where we share recent happenings and future developments, such as updates to newly added features.


Please leave a comment below if you have any other issues or concerns, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. I'm always here to help. Have a good one!

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