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Don't like the online version

I just paid for and installed quickbooks online.  My old quickbooks was integrated.  I don't like this 2019 version.  Can I have my old one reinstated and cancel the online

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QuickBooks Team

Don't like the online version

Hi there, @pauletteb.


I appreciate you reaching us out today. I'd be glad to help get you pointed in the right direction for assistance with canceling your QuickBooks Online and have you QuickBooks Desktop back.


May I know what specific version of QuickBooks Desktop you have? At this time, QuickBooks Desktop only supports the versions 2017, 2018, and 2019. You must acquire one of these versions so you can have it installed and be able to cancel your QuickBooks Online.


To do the cancellation and the conversion of your QuickBooks, you'll need to reach out to our Customer Care Team. They have the proper tools to check on your account and help you all throughout the process.


This should get you on your way to running your business easier @pauletteb


Feel free to reach back out to me if you have any other questions with this concern. I'll be around to help. Have a great day!

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