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Error codes -6000 -1074 Upgraded QB 2008 Pro to QB 2018 Pro Not Accepting Credit Cards anymore

Hi I need some help, as I am just installing this QB Pro 2018  to replace QB Pro 2008

Attached are screen shots in a PDF, that shows all the steps I went thru under Windows 7

After completely removing QB Pro 2008 and deleting 

(or renaming intuit directories to xintuitold )

and I removed registry entries.  And I rebooted,  So I believe it was a clean uninstall , and way back in the day we took a few credit card payments using QB.  But we ceased that activity permanently years ago in our company file.  I even called into QB Support to stop that service years ago.  So now I am on QB Pro 2018 and I ran the QB File Doctor  (all firewalls turned off, no anti-virus running, and I'm in Admin mode)

That went well and said my company file was upgraded and accepted by QB 2018.


But QB thinks I still have a "Store" and is thinking I accept credit cards.  We do not want to accept credit cads and we do not want to change passwords every 90 days. So we didn't setup a complex password to protect customers sensitive data, and this password issue is a major headache for my CPA.  I ignored this software request and

So I am getting  Error codes -6000 -1074 .  What is the solution here?  I  don't want STORE transactions and we don't accept credit cards.  It seems like the company file "remembered" that we once upon a time 10 years ago accepted a few credit cards....

Please if anyone can help.....







QuickBooks Team

Error codes -6000 -1074 Upgraded QB 2008 Pro to QB 2018 Pro Not Accepting Credit Cards anymore

Hi tonyisme

I'd like to add that aside from credit card details the following Personal Identifiable information will require you to create and update your password regularly:

  • Employee and Company Social Security Number
  • Company EIN
  • Company Bank Details (Routing Number, Account Number)
  • Company Credit Card Acct. Number
  • Fixed Assets Account Number
  • Other Assets Account Number
  • Other Current Assets Account Number
  • Loan/Other Current Liability Account Number
  • Long Term Liability Account Number
  • Vendor Tax ID
  • Vendor Account No.
  • Employee's Birth Date (QuickBooks 2018 versions only)

About the error, which page did you encounter it? Do you still have an option to enter a password? A screenshot of the page with the error would be a lot helpful.


Thanks in advance for your reply.

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Error codes -6000 -1074 Upgraded QB 2008 Pro to QB 2018 Pro Not Accepting Credit Cards anymore



It is on the last page of the attached file...


Error codes -6000 -1074 Upgraded QB 2008 Pro to QB 2018 Pro Not Accepting Credit Cards anymore

Hi there, tonyisme.


I appreciate you getting back to us and sharing the screenshots of the error you're getting when opening the company file. Allow me to help share some additional troubleshooting steps to get this straightened out. 


Let's start with opening a sample company file. This way, we can verify if the problem possibly lies with your company file or the QuickBooks application. If a sample company file does not open and instead returns an error, it is an indication that the QuickBooks installation is damaged and should be repaired.


Here's how: 

  1. In the No Company Open window, select Open a sample file.
  2. Choose any from the list of sample company files.
  3. If the sample file returns the same error message, repair your QuickBooks installation files.

If you got it to work, let's try copying the QuickBooks file on the Desktop. This is to verify if there's a problem with the location of the company file or the file damaged.


Here's how:

  1. Open the folder that contains your company file.
  2. Find the file with the extension of .QBW.
  3. Right-click on the file, then select Copy.
  4. Right-click anywhere on the Desktop, then select Paste.
  5. While holding down the control key, open QuickBooks so you are directed to the No Company Open window.
  6. Click Open or restore an existing company.
  7. Navigate to the desktop and find the company file you copied and open.

 If the file opens while it is saved on the desktop, it means the location is probably damaged, it exceeded the file system path limitation. If the file still did not open after changing its location, it is possible the file is damaged.


Since the company file did not open even when it was moved to a different location, you can restore a backup copy of your company file to check if the problem is with the current company file (.QBW).


If you get the same result, I recommend reaching out to our Customer Care Support. They have tools like screen share to get this resolved quickly.


Stay in touch how things go once you've tried the steps above. I'll be happy to help you further. Have a great day ahead. 

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Error codes -6000 -1074 Upgraded QB 2008 Pro to QB 2018 Pro Not Accepting Credit Cards anymore


Hi Mary Grace,

My company file is not damaged, 

and the QB 2018 forced me to put a "store or financial/merchant password"  but my company doesn't accept credit cards and we don't use QB Pro Desktop to do financial transactions.  We don't use Merchant Services.  I didn't want to have to change passwords every 90 days.

I am able to open the checking account and see the entries.


Back in the day, it appears QB 2008 "did something" to my company file after we had the brief "merchant services" service.  It appears it is some kind of permanent flag or some kind of special encryption because now QB 2018  thinks my company file contains sensitive client details, SSN, credit card info.. but my company file does not have all that.

So it appears every future QB upgrade will treat my company file  like a Merchants company file.

Am I wrong about this?






QuickBooks Team

Error codes -6000 -1074 Upgraded QB 2008 Pro to QB 2018 Pro Not Accepting Credit Cards anymore

Hi there, tonyisme.


Your company is required to enter a password as well as to change it every 90 days if you have the following:

  • Employer Identification Number (EIN) is entered in the company
  • Merchant Service transactions

If you have recorded any credit card transactions in QuickBooks, you might want to remove them to stop the password requirement. Before doing so, please consult your accountant since this will affect your financial reports.


Also, please know that removing the EIN will affect your tax reporting.


For more information about the password requirement, you can check this article: Password security for QuickBooks Desktop.


Should you have other questions or concern, feel free to leave a comment. Thanks.

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