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Error H101, H202, H303, or H505 when opening your company file

I just upgraded from QB Pro 2016 to 2019. I am trying to open my company file, which is hosted on a company server. I select the file from the menu and get Error 505. The solution posted to this error says to go to the File menu on my computer, select Utilities, and change the hosting mode. However, despite the solution's statement that "This can be done even without opening a specific company file," I get a grayed out Utilities entry on the File menu, and I can't do a thing. What secret sauce am I missing? Where's the cheat code so I can do it anyway? Help!

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QuickBooks Team

Error H101, H202, H303, or H505 when opening your company file

Hello, @sdhlaw.


I'm here to help get pass the error you're receiving when trying to open your company file in QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT).


To resolve the error, yes, you may need to disable hosting mode on each of your workstation/s by going to the File menu and selecting on Utilities. If you see a Host Multi-User Access on the list, your computer is not hosting the company file and you can go to the next computer. If you see Stop Hosting Multi-User Access, select that option to disable hosting on your workstation, which will fix this error.


Since the option is grayed out on your end, you need to ensure that you're QBDT is updated to the latest release. Yes, this can be done even without opening a specific sample file, please also ensure that you've open QuickBooks without a company file to disable the hosting mode. To open QuickBooks with no company open, press and hold the Ctrl key while double clicking the QBDT icon.


To resolve problems opening a company file in QuickBooks Desktop, you can check these articles:


Free free to add a post/comment below if you have any other questions about opening a company file, I'd be glad to keep helping. Have a good one!

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