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How do I map an account to 1999's?


How do I map an account to 1999's?

Hello, lenw1.

Let me help and guide you with mapping accounts to 1099 - MISC categories in QuickBooks Online (QBO). 

It's important to report the total payments in the correct boxes when preparing 1099-MISC forms. To categorize 1099 payments to coordinate with the boxes, please follow these steps: 

  1. Go to Workers and choose Contractors.
  2. Click on Prepare 1099s.
  3. Click on Let's get started.
  4. Review the information in the Company section and click on Next.
  5. In the Account section, this is where you will have to categorize accounts. On the categories page, select the checkbox next to all the 1099 boxes that fit the type of the contractor payments you make. Review the payment totals for each box. If you don’t see all of the payments you expect, check that the list shows right tax year and type of vendor (they should meet the 1099 threshold). Excluded payments are typically those paid by credit card, which are reported to the IRS by the credit card issuer. Once you're done, click on Next.
  6. In the Contractors section, review the contractors' information and click on Next
  7. Click on Finish preparing 1099s.
  8. Click on Go to 1099 E-File Service to e-file your 1099s.

To learn more about the boxes on the form 1099, you can check out this helpful article: Form 1099-MISC.

There you have it. You should be able to map an account to 1099 after following these steps.

You're always welcome to drop by again if you have any other questions. I'm always here to help. See you around. 

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How do I map an account to 1999's?

Some of the 1099s are showing up in the summary, but others are not and the contractors/venders are set up in the same way.  Also, when I click on prepare 1099s, it does not go to a choice for "company".  I can not see where or how to map the necessary accouts.  I am very proficient in Quickbooks Desktop, but I am not as well verse in QuickBooks online.  


How do I map an account to 1999's?

I'm here to guide and help you fix 1099s in your book, MAWcow.


In QuickBooks Online, not putting a check inside the Track payments for 1099 box in the vendor information is the only reason why some of the 1099s are not showing in your book.


Now, let's review their details and make sure to tick the box for tracking payments for 1099. Here's how:

  1. From the left menu, click the Expenses.
  2. Click the name of the vendor in the Vendors tab.
  3. Click the Edit button at the upper-right corner.
  4. Put a check inside the Track payment for 1099 box.
  5. Click Save.



Also, the system will automatically route you to the Accounts section when preparing for 1099. The good thing is you still have an option to go back to the Company section. All we have to do is click the Back button at the bottom part of the page.


About mapping the account, you'll have to check the Box 7 and select those necessary accounts. Here's my sample screenshot for additional reference:



Also, you can check the common questions and the troubleshooting for 1099s.


If you have other questions or need further help with 1099 in QuickBooks Online, you can mention my name by adding a comment below. I'll be around to help you. Thanks.

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How do I map an account to 1999's?

Thanks for the assistance, but I am still having the exact same problem.  The client set everything up in the Quickbooks online system.  How do I get to the area to select the box 7 for the 1099s.  Wherever I attempt to prepare the 1099s, it goes directly to "complete 1099s" and there is not a choice to select the G/L accounts that are subject to form 1099 reporting.  This is extremely frustrating and inefficient and one of the reason I stick to the desktop version with remote access.  Thanks for any help you may be able to provide.





QuickBooks Team

How do I map an account to 1999's?

Hi there, @MAWcow.


You'll have to click the Back button twice so you'll be routed to the Categorize payments to contractors (or 1099 vendors) section. This way, you can select the G/L accounts that are subject to 1099 reporting. Let me guide you through the process.


Just to clarify, are you seeing Continue your 1099s when clicking the Prepare 1099s? If yes, you'll be routed to the section where you stop when you click it.


If you are routed in the Check that the payments add up section, you'll have to click the Back button twice. I'm adding screenshots for your visual reference.


However, if you're routed to a different section, will you please provide a screenshot on it. This way, we can review it and provide you an accurate answer.


You might want to check out this article to know more about preparing and filing 1099s: Prepare and file Federal 1099s using QuickBooks Online.


Please keep in touch if there's anything else I can do to help you succeed with QuickBooks. I've got your back. Have a great day!

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