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how to fix a bank account number
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How do you move a company from online to desktop

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Joesem M
QuickBooks Team

How do you move a company from online to desktop


Hi there, @how to fix a bank account number.


You'll need to export your data so it can be moved from QuickBooks Online to QuickBooks Desktop. Before you export there are few requirements to meet:


  • QuickBooks Online is compatible with the 32-bit version of Internet Explorer in Windows 7.
  • To use the export feature, you must be logged in as an Admin user on both QuickBooks Online and Desktop for this process to work.
  • You must have a supported version of QuickBooks Desktop for Windows installed on the PC in which you are performing the export.

To get started exporting your data file, we need to configure Internet Explorer's security setting. Here's how: 


  1. Right-click the Internet Explorer icon and select Run as administrator.
  2. Go to the Gear⚙ icon, then Internet Options.
  3. Click Security, then Trusted Sites.
  4. Select Sites.
  5. In the Add this website to the zone field, enter: *
  6. Make sure Require server verification (https: ) for all sites in this zone is unchecked.
  7. Close the Trusted Sites window.
  8. The  Enable Protected Mode is unchecked.
  9. Hit Apply, then click Okay. Leave Internet Explorer open.

Once done, refer to this article to complete the process on how to export your data files from QuickBooks Online to QuickBooks Desktop: Export and convert your QuickBooks Online data to QuickBooks Desktop.


After you've exported your data, I recommend running the Balance Sheet and Profit Loss reports. You'll need to run these reports on an Accrual basis and for All Dates to ensure the numbers match in both programs.

You can check out this article to know what data does and doesn't export from QuickBooks Online: Limitations when you convert from QuickBooks Online to QuickBooks Desktop.


I also suggest visiting the Get QuickBooks Desktop user guides article. This will help provide additional guidance on how you can navigate the desktop version.


Please keep in touch with me here if you have any other questions, I'm always here to help. Wish you all the best and take care always.




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