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How is Quickbooks online backed up?

How are backups handled with Quickbooks online? Do i need a Dropbox for business site or is it handled/guaranteed by quickbooks? how often are backups done and how difficult is it to restore if there are issues?

QuickBooks Team

How is Quickbooks online backed up?

Good to see you here, onlyshootopen. 


Any changes made to your company file is automatically saved by the system. In fact, it's saved to two hard drives just in case one fails. The automatic backups are also created and saved every night and are moved offsite to a secure location. 


Our backup strategy is secured and reliable so it's automatically restored in case there are issues. 


To learn more about how we handle your data file, please check out these articles: 

Leave a reply below if you have follow-up questions. Thanks for dropping by!

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How is Quickbooks online backed up?

How would one access the backup in order to restore one's file?

QuickBooks Team

How is Quickbooks online backed up?

Hi there, @Grace14.


I can share some additional information about backing up your QuickBooks Online company file.


QuickBooks Online's data servers sit behind layers of network security and are not directly connected to the Internet. Your private information is only available to authorized users. These backups are saved to our third-party hard drive in order to protect your data.


If you want to have your own copy of company data, you use the Export Tool. Here's how:

  1. Click the Gear icon.
  2. Under Tools, choose Export Data.
  3. Choose It's a backup.
  4. Then click Continue.
  5. Select the Reports and Lists you want to export.
  6. Click Export to Excel.

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For more insights about exporting data, please refer to these articles:

That should let you create and save a backup file. Don't hesitate to get back to me if there's anything else you need. Wishing you and your business continued success.

Level 15

How is Quickbooks online backed up?

@Anonymous wrote:

How would one access the backup in order to restore one's file?

You can not.

there is no user back up in QBO, there is no way to restore from a previous date, and there is no way to make an archive file of data in QB format.


An export to desktop is not complete nor is it accurate


There are apps you can subscribe to that will do that, yet another monthly subscription for what should be a software feature IMO


QuickBooks Team

How is Quickbooks online backed up?

Hi again, @Anonymous.


It's automatically restored once you're logged back in to your account. Although, there's no option to restore a file from a certain point of time like what Rustler shared above. This is because the back up created is saved in our server for safe keeping, and not a user type of backup data.


The steps given by my colleague about exporting reports to your desktop is also another option you may want to take. 


In addition, there are third-party applications that offer additional back up services. You can find them in our App Store. Here's the link:


Let me know if you need anything else. 


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