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how to download enterprise 17.0 release 1.0

trying to download 17.0 release 1 on a new computer.  I have 17.0 r1 working on numerous other computers and a server ( 10 license)- the only choice is release 12 ( as of today 1-4-2019)


when I try to download and install, it chokes saying I need to update to latest release which I cannot do. My support plan provided me with 17.0 but only release 1.0 it says I do not have a support plan and stops there. on another new pc we called in but it took the help desk person 2 hours to get it to work and they had to really scratch round. I am owed 17.0 r1 but again cannot install.

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how to download enterprise 17.0 release 1.0

Hello Momentum123,


Let's try to download and install the sample QuickBooks Desktop Enterrprise. Here's an article: QuickBooks Desktop trial links .


Then, enter the sample product code and license. 

Please get back to us if you need anything eslse. 

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