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I need to retrieve an earlier backup of from 04/22/20 is therea way to do that?

QuickBooks Team

I need to retrieve an earlier backup of from 04/22/20 is therea way to do that?

Hi there, @Mreyes.


If you're using QuickBooks Online (QBO) Advance and have backed up your files using an external app, then you can follow these steps to restore your data. Here's how:


  1. Sign in to the Online Backup and Restore app.
  2. Click Restore from the menu.
  3. Select New Restore.
  4. In the Company drop-down, click the company you want to overwrite and restore your accounting data.
  5. Select the Restore to drop-down, choose the specific time and date you want to restore to. 
  6. Click Create Restore, then select Restore to confirm.


Please take note that if you made customers, vendors, or items inactive since your last backup, the restore won't reactivate them. They'll stay inactive.


However, if you're using a different subscription, then the option to restore your file to its previous point in time is unavailable. Although, you can still use the Audit log to trace the changes you've made earlier in your QuickBooks account. You can use the fields on the Filter panel to choose the appropriate UserDate, or Events filter to narrow the results.


For more information on how QuickBooks handles you backed up data files, you can check out these articles:



Let me know if you need anything else. I'll be around to help however I can. Keep safe.

Level 1

I need to retrieve an earlier backup of from 04/22/20 is therea way to do that?

This will not send the credit card bill pay to the reconciliation. Why?

QuickBooks Team
QuickBooks Team

I need to retrieve an earlier backup of from 04/22/20 is therea way to do that?

This is not the impression we want you to have when using QuickBooks. I'm here to clear things out for you, Mreyes.


The Online Backup and Restore feature backs your Bills and bill payment and everything in your chart of accounts. If you migrate from Desktop version to QuickBooks Online Advanced, some data won't save into your Online account.


We can manually enter the transactions for the credit card bill pay that is not reflected in QBO. Just enter the payment in the Pay down credit card section.


Here's how:


  1. Click the + New Plus icon.
  2. Select Pay down credit card under Other
  3. Choose the credit card you made the payment to.
  4. Then, enter the payment amount and date of payment.
  5. Enter the bank account (you paid the credit card with) in the What did you use to make this payment section.
  6. Tap the I made a payment with a cheque option if you made a payment with a cheque. In the Cheque no. field, enter the cheque number, or if you paid electronically, enter the EFT number.
  7. Press Save and Close.

Then, reconcile the credit card statements by following the steps in this article: Record your payments to credit cards. Just go to Step 1: Reconcile your credit card transactions section. 


If you've already reconciled an account in the past, refer to this article to troubleshoot any beginning balance issues: Fix beginning balance issues if you've reconciled the account in the past QuickBooks Online.


Visit our Reconciliation and Process payments page to give you more insights about reconciling your bank account and processing customer payments.


Feel free to go back to this thread if you need anything else in QBO. I'll be here to assist you. Have a great day ahead

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