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More Than Three Users QBDM 2019



I have a question about setting up Quickbooks Desktop for Mac for multiple users.


I understand that QBDM can be purchased with a three seat license. My questions is this: Can additional licenses be purchased? Can all of these licenses access the same Quickbooks company file?


My understanding is that QBDM 2019 comes with a three seat license option. One of the licenses is used to set up and install QBDM on the Mac which is going to host the company's Quickbooks company file and act as the Quickbooks server. Then I would install QBDM on two other Macs. 


The client I am supporting currently has Quickbooks 2016 set up like this. However, the Mac used as the Quickbooks server is on the owner's MacBook Pro and frequently leaves the office, so the other users cannot access the file at all. My client would like to install QBDM 2019 on their Mac file server, but has three people who need to access the company file. Installing QBDM 2019 would use one license. How can I get licenses to access the same company file to the other three users?


More Than Three Users QBDM 2019

Hello there, MacMaster.


I'm here to help provide additional information about using QuickBooks for Mac 2019.


You can upgrade your QuickBooks to the three-user license option for access on more than one computer. Users with more than one license can set up multi-user mode to ensure all can access the file at the same time.


Since I'm unable to pull up your account in this public forum, I recommend giving us a call. One of our Mac Phone Support Specialists will be able to check your account securely and perform the upgrade process for you.


Here's how you can reach them:


  1. Go to:
  2. Select QuickBooks Mac Desktop.
  3. Choose a topic.
  4. Scroll down and click Get Phone Number.

In case you need the steps on setting up multi-user in the future, I'm adding the article I recommend below (scroll down to Step 5: (Optional) Set up multi-user):


Install and set up QuickBooks Mac Desktop.


I look forward to serving you with any of your QuickBooks needs. If you need anything else, feel free to post a response below.

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More Than Three Users QBDM 2019

AlcaeusF, thank you so much for the information. Unfortunately, none of it really addresses my questions.


I am not asking about upgrading from a single user license to a multiple user license. I am not asking for help on how to do this upgrade. I am not asking for help on how to set up multi-user mode.


What I am asking is this: All of the documentation that I have read and your own sales page says that Quickbooks can be purchased with three licenses for three installations so three users can access the same company file at the same time.  I need to do this for four installations--one on a Mac server that will host the company file and three for end users on their workstations. Is this possible and if so how do I make it happen?


Alternatively, if I put the company data files on the server by itself, can the three end users access the same file at the same time without Quickbooks being installed on the server?


More Than Three Users QBDM 2019

Hello there, MacMaster.


I appreciate your quick response and for adding additional clarification about what you're referring to in QuickBooks Desktop for Mac.


When sharing your company file with multi-user set up, the basis of the system are the users who are simultaneously logging into the program. If you only have three workstations and one on a Mac server, three licenses should work without any problem.


For your second question, either way, you can also store the company files on the server by itself without QuickBooks (on the server).


Please keep in touch with me here should you need any further assistance. I'm always here to help you out.

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More Than Three Users QBDM 2019

If we installed Quickbooks on the server, would it need to be open and running for Multiple Users to work?


If we stored the company files on the server, could they still be used with Multiple Users?


Any recommendations?

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More Than Three Users QBDM 2019

Hi, @MacMaster.


Allow me to chime in the conversation and share some information about multi-users in QuickBooks Mac.


Yes, QuickBooks on your server should be open for multiple users to work. Then, with QuickBooks Server running, the company file is shared with other computers on the same network. In multi-user mode, all users can log into the company file with those user accounts and work on the company file on different computers at the same time.


You can check out this related article for more information:


Let me know if you have other questions. Have a good one.





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More Than Three Users QBDM 2019

You can have more than 3 users connecting to QuickBooks Mac. Each needs a license. We've had 10 or more.

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