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My Wireless printer will not printer from QB online?

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My Wireless printer will not printer from QB online?

Thanks for getting in touch with us today, Linda11,


I want to make sure you're able to print QuickBooks Online transactions and reports.


May I know if you're getting any error codes or messages when trying to initiate printing inside QuickBooks? Also, is this only happening when printing items from QuickBooks? Any details about the issue would extremely helpful to narrow things down.


Primarily, if you're running a new version of any operating systems, or if you’re experiencing printing problems, the best way to do is to update your printer drivers. This contains bug fixes, stability improvements, and even new features and capabilities to get past the hurdle you're getting.


Uninstalling and reinstalling the printer driver can also help re-establish and refresh the connection between QuickBooks Online and your printer. You can also try updating your Adobe Reader/Acrobat. Please check out this article to know how: How to update, repair, or re-install Adobe Reader/Acrobat


That should help circumvent your printing problem in QBO.


Please update me how this goes, Linda11. I'm here to help you further whenever you needed me. Have a good one!

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My Wireless printer will not printer from QB online?

I have been having this same issue for the last week. The message I get is "printer not connected." So I turn off the printer and turn it back on and then it prints. Then when it finally did print, it took 45 minutes to print 30 invoices! Even got a new printer thinking it was the printer but getting the same message. It prints off of other websites fine so it has to be the program. 


My Wireless printer will not printer from QB online?

It's a good idea to turn off the printer, jslup55.


For wireless printer troubleshooting, it starts with restarting your computer, printer, and wireless router.


There are other possible reasons why it's not working properly:

  • updated security software which may block communication
  • changes on the wireless settings

There are different ways to resolve this depending on the printer you're using. You can check online if your printer has a website which provides troubleshooting steps.


Also, if you're using VPN, the printer won't work. I recommend temporarily disabling the connection and try to print again.


I'll be here if you have further questions.

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