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Peachtree 2011 conversion using the SAGE 50 Conversion Tool

The specifications for the SAGE 50 conversion tool say that is supports Version 2013 and later.  We have Peachtree 2011. 


We tried to use the tool but the import fails.  When connecting to Pervasive ODBC, after selecting the datasource we click on the Test button, enter the password Crystal and no pwd and it connects. So, we assume that it is not an ODBC error.  Continuing the process takes us to a screen that says its converting with a progress bar.  The progress bar never go beyond 0% before we see an error window which gives no details as to what the problem is.


Any suggestions?

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QuickBooks Team

Re: Peachtree 2011 conversion using the SAGE 50 Conversion Tool

Hi SPAR927,


I appreciate you reaching out to us about your Sage 50 conversion issue. 


The QuickBooks Conversion Tool is a free program to help you convert your Peachtree data to QuickBooks. However, it only supports versions 2013 to present. To resolve the error you're getting and ask for other options I recommend reaching out to their contact help for guidance with Peachtree 2011 conversion.


They have the tools necessary to run your company file and process your request, @SPAR927.


Keep me posted on how it went or if you have other QuickBooks concerns. I'm always here to help you out. Have a good one.

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