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Quick book vs Gusto

I was comparing quickbooks with Gusto, and what is stopping me from going with quickbooks are - File 1099s, Multiple states and Lifetime access which is extra chargeable in Quickbooks.. I just wanted to confirm that this is true.

Check out this link:



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Quick book vs Gusto

This will probably get deleted, but IMHO, Gusto is a much better choice and all my clients use it and I have used it since 2015 for my own company and have never paid a dime for my own payroll even when I only had five clients using it.  My clients converted from QB, ADP, Paychex and Wells Fargo and all love it.  Access and interface for accountant and employees is much better and easier to use, love employee self-service where to add a new employee you just input their email address and link goes to them to login, add their own address, phone, SS, W-4 and bank account for direct deposit. You get email to review when they are done and add their pay rate. Then employee has access to see their paystubs and W-2's anytime and same for 1099's, even after they have been terminated. Gusto will do your conversion for you and you just review when ready.  I did one this month and last.

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