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QuickBooks 2018 Student Trial Problems

Hi. I downloaded a student trial of Quick Books Desktop 2018 and have experience multiple issues. One of which is a pop-up titled "Connection Has Been Lost." When the internet connection is strong. Secondly. I cannot Save PDFs on personal PC nor print on campus. R V C C in Branch burg, NJ. The Accounting Systems and Software course ends in May and I have four more labs to complete until then. My professor suggested calling but I don't see a customer service number listed online. The PC does not seem like a doable option considering the number of difficulties completing the assignment. Mid transaction the program would shut down without saving. The chapter 4 lab is due next Tuesday 3/26/2019. I am on campus now. And do not have the problematic laptop on me now. I only have the mac book. This chat is only open M-F 5 am - 5 pm. My concern is resolving the issue in time. My goal is potentially installing the educational version of Quick books desktop 2018 to my mac book air. But my professor says this isn't an option. I called three different customer service numbers, none of which say can help me. One representative told me I wasn't allowed to go any further because I don't know that name on their contact list of the license number I provided them. I am I student, I don't see how I would know who bought the software for the campus?

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QuickBooks Team

QuickBooks 2018 Student Trial Problems

Hi there, @mgon6933.


You've come to the right place. I'd be pleased to help you get past the Connection Has Been Lost error that you received while working on your QuickBooks Desktop.


The Connection Has Been Lost Error indicates that QuickBooks can no longer access your data file or a section of your data file. There are several possible causes of the error. First, you may want to try and restart your computer and your database server to see if this resolves the error. If that doesn't work, make sure QuickBooks is configured properly and the computer that hosts the data file is working properly.


If the issue persists after trying these steps, you may try running the QuickBooks File Doctor. This can help identify file related issues like this. Here's a good article that you can check out to guide you throughout the process: Error message: Connection Has Been Lost.


Also, I'd like to inform you that QuickBooks Desktop for Windows only works on a Windows computer. If you wish to use your Mac book, you'll need to have the QuickBooks Desktop for Mac


These resources should help you get back o track.


Don't hesitate to let me know if you have any other questions about Connection Has Been Lost error or anything about QuickBooks. I want to ensure you're all set. Have a great weekend ahead! 

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