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Cleanest way to upgrade from QB Enterprise 2016 to Enterprise 2019?

What is the cleanest way to upgrade QuickBooks company files when installing the latest version of QuickBooks Enterprise on a new server?


  1. Drag the entire QB share to the new servers (including Attach subfolders and all SearchIndex folders, then upgrade the company files.
  2. Recreate the QB share on the new server, copy the Attach subfolder into it from the old server, then restore each QB company file onto the new server, which will recreate the SearchIndex subfolders and all the ancillary TLG and ND files. (I also have some company file - Images folders. Are they automatically created by QB?)

Also, do you set up the QB share on a separate drive of the QB server? Or do you keep in the default location and share it from there (C:\users\public\documents\ntuit\QuickBooks\Company Files\)? This latter location seems to grant full access to Everyone by default. Is that a QB requirement? Or can we remove Everyone and just share with a security group?

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Cleanest way to upgrade from QB Enterprise 2016 to Enterprise 2019?

Dunno what a "QB Share" is, but you have two things going on that are not really related: Upgrade QB and change servers.


To upgrade QB, install it.  To then upgrade your files, open them in QB 2019.

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