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Converting from QBDT to QBO - Payroll Questions

Hello!  We are going to be converting from QBDT to QBO w/in the next few days and I have a few questions on the Payroll portion.  I know that I will have to enter all of my employees information (oyy, it's over 60 people).  I was told that if we choose the Elite option for Payroll that we can actually have them do all of that work for us in 5-7 business days.  Has anyone paid for this service and if yes, did it work out OK?  Do they enter all information?  Including all the taxes you have paid?  We currently have employees in 3 different states so there is more info to enter there as well.  How is that information transferred over to the people who are inputting the information?  Why isn't this information pulled to begin with?  Is it a security feature because of sensitive information? 


Another question I have,  while watching an Intuit video on setting up payroll if you have already paid employees during this current year, is the W4.  As we all know the W4 was new for 2020.  In the online version, is there an option to keep the 2019 and prior W4 form as there is in desktop currently?  The majority of our employees were hired before 2020 and we do not require them to update their W4 yearly.


If anyone has made this switch and did it yourself, how long did it take you? 


Thank you!



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Converting from QBDT to QBO - Payroll Questions

Good day, BethatVIVO,


Yes, you're right that you'll get an expert who will take care of your payroll setup when using the Elite option for the service. Check out the QuickBooks Online Payroll Elite page for the platform and pricing.


On the other hand, you can also keep the 2019 and prior W-4 forms in QuickBooks Online. To do so, I suggest chatting our Elite Team to ensure your data is transferred correctly and you’re ready to take care of business.


I've added these articles for the detailed steps and learn what data aren't converted after the migration:

Keep me posted if you have follow-up questions by commenting below. I'm always around to answer your concerns.

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Converting from QBDT to QBO - Payroll Questions

Great, thanks for answering!


My main concern is that if I decide to enter each employee's info myself that the 2019 and prior option is available as it is currently  in our 2020 desktop version and I'm not forced to have each employee fill out a new W4, which is not required by law to have them do.  

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