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Converting Quickbooks online to Quickbooks Premier 2017

Had to have PC wiped and couldn't find old QB key information.  Needed immediate access to my files so I used QB Online for 60 days.  I have since found my QB Desktop Premier 2017 information but when I try to open my files I get a message that my files were last accessed by a newer version of QB.  Is it possible to convert my files back to Premier 2017?

QuickBooks Team

Re: Converting Quickbooks online to Quickbooks Premier 2017

Welcome to the Community, @Bdilly53.


It's my goal to get you back up and running with QuickBooks as soon as possible, so I have some questions for you. When you started using QB Online, did you convert your data from Quickbooks Premier 2017 to the online version, or did you start using QB online immediately? If you went with the latter, you can convert the QB Online data back to the desktop version, however, you will be unable to merge it with your pre-existing file. Should you just want to use the original desktop file and re-enter what you did with QB Online, I'll need to get you situated with your desktop version, so you can start using that file once more. 


To get started with opening the original file, I'd like to take a look at your account on the backend. Do you mind sending me a private message with your QuickBooks lIcense & product number, and your email address? With this information, I can look up your account and make sure you're using the correct version and guide you on what to do next. If you do provide me with this information, please be sure to send it via a private message so it is not posted publicly. 


In the meantime, if you have other questions for me about this or anything else QuickBooks, feel free to ask me with a comment down below. I look forward to hearing from here. 

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Re: Converting Quickbooks online to Quickbooks Premier 2017

Hi Clay,


Is this considered PM?  If not, how do I do that?


I converted my 2017 file to the online version.  The only thing I did with the online version was print some reports.  I would just like to use the desktop version. 

QuickBooks Team

Re: Converting Quickbooks online to Quickbooks Premier 2017

No worries, @Bdilly53. Thank you for further clarifying on how you migrated your data. As for sending me a private message, click on my username and then you'll see a green button on the next screen that says Send a message. Once you've done that, I'll continue working with you there. I look forward to your message. 

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