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Using the DepositAddRq message

I have a payment ready to deposit such that I get this message in from QuickBooks

<ReceivePaymentToDepositQueryRs requestID="80f571e2-76e9-4acb-84c3-e0a5f3aa4928" statusCode="0" statusSeverity="Info" statusMessage="Status OK" retCount="1">






<FullName>Joe Bloggs</FullName>







When I submit a new deposit I create a message like this

<DepositAddRq requestID="7d187e6d-5122-4418-92d7-fee4f602cdfd">










(Note the xxxxs here were mangled by the forum!)
What value should I put in the PaymentTxnLineID field – I have tried:

  • Dropping the field
  • Empty
  • 0
  • -1

And none of them are accepted when I post it using QBWC


Has anyone any ideas?




QuickBooks Team

Re: Using the DepositAddRq message

Hey there, @MCFH.


Welcome, and thank you for seeking out help from the Community. Before I get started, I want to clarify with you on what you're looking to accomplish. Are you trying to bring in deposits from a 3rd party application, or are you bringing them in through the merchant deposit center?


Let me know with a comment down below; that way I can continue working with you. I'll be here in the Community awaiting your response. 

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Re: Using the DepositAddRq message

Hi there,

this is for a website I have built that integrates with Quickbooks Desktop. I effectively mirror a lot of QB functionality into the website such that the user can:

  1. Create an invoice
  2. Advise that a client has settled it
  3. If the client settles with cheques post it to undeposited funds
  4. Then indicate that they have taken the checks to the bank
  5. It is the transition from the results of the ReceivePaymentToDepositQueryRs to the DepositAddRq that seens to be the problem - there are no TxnLineIDs in the response and hence I cannot pass anything back to the request

All the steps apart from 5 are working fine.






QuickBooks Team

Re: Using the DepositAddRq message

Hey again, @MCFH.


Thanks for getting back to me and further elaborating on what you're trying to accomplish. Since you're building a website that integrates with and mirrors QuickBooks, I recommend you take a look at the Intuit Developer website. There, you can find plenty of resources to help with the website integration. You can find that site here:


All the help you need can be found there. Should you have additional questions about anything else QuickBooks, don't hesitate to ask me here in the Community. 

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Re: Using the DepositAddRq message


I have read that!! That is how I built the site!! It doens't work as documented!



Established Community Backer ***

Re: Using the DepositAddRq message

You are posting in an End User Community; you are in the wrong place on the internet.


You want the Developer's Forum.

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Re: Using the DepositAddRq message

I had done (here: but am getting no response from anyone? And was struggling to log in to that site yesterday!




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