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Restore failed on QB2016

I'm trying to restore a QB backup created in QB 2016 on a Windows 10 computer onto one of two computers running Windows 7 or Vista Home Premium, both of which have QB 2016 installed.  My backup is on a memory stick that was recently reformatted, and the QB backup is the only file on the stick.  When I copy the file to the local drive of either target computer, I get a File Access Denied error that says I need to provide administrator permission to copy the file, but my user profile on both targets is as administrator.  When I click 'continue' the file appears to copy to the local drive.


When I then try to restore from that copy, QB 2016 gives me a Restore Failed error (no error number seen)  that says QB is unable to restore and the company file present in the backup could not be restored successfully.


My access to the source Windows 10 computer is EXTREMELY limited - the regular user/manager will not allow me to touch it, only he and his assistant are allowed to touch, so I have not been able to get a second backup on a different stick.  I have tried massaging the file ownership rights on the copies on both target PCs with no effect.


Does anyone have any clue why I can't restore a QB 2016 backup to a different QB 2016 installation?

QuickBooks Team

Restore failed on QB2016

Thank you for giving us the details of what happened when you try to back up the file, TerryM74.


Here are the possible reasons why you can't restore a backup:

  • There are special characters included in the company file name. 
  • The file you are trying to restore isn't an actual backup file.
  • The company file is damaged.

You can remove the special characters from the company file name by following these steps:

  1. Find the location of your company file. If you need any additional help locating the file, please see search for files using Windows.
  2. Right-click on the file name and select Rename.
  3. Type a file name with no special character and press Enter.

You can also check this article for other solutions: Restore Failed When You Try To Restore A Backup.


Feel free to reach out to me if there's anything else you need help with QuickBooks. Thanks.

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Restore failed on QB2016

First, let me emphasize that I am dealing with a HOSTILE situation.  The primary custodian of the QB files is denying me access to the computer where the original QB company files reside, and I have only been allowed to obtain a backup because the organization's chief executive officer demanded it.  I currently do NOT have any access to those original files.


As best I can determine without opening this backup, the company name does not contain any special characters.


I watched the primary custodian's assistant make the backup using QB, and watched her stop the memory stick after the backup process was indicated as completed.  The backup process did not generate any errors on the screen.


I tried the restore process multiple times on two separate computers, and did so without overwriting files from previous attempts.  After posting my original question, I downloaded a trial version of QB 2019 Desktop and a restore to this version failed the same way, so the possibility that the original program version is a later version than the versions I am using is eliminated.


Is there any way to repair the company file FROM THE BACKUP since I have effectively no access to the original files?

QuickBooks Team

Restore failed on QB2016

Thanks for getting back to us, @TerryM74.


I'm here to guide you to the right support and make sure you'll get the best help to restore your backup company file to get you back in business


Since you're able to do the recommended steps provided by my colleague RenjolynC and have tried additional steps on your end but still getting the same result, it would be best to get in touch with our QuickBooks Desktop Technical Support Team. They have additional tools to do a remote session and help you restore your file correctly.


Here's how you can contact our support: 

  1. Click this link:
  2. Select the version of QuickBooks, click Contact Us.
  3. Type-in Technical Support on the search bar.
  4. Click Get the Phone number below.

For additional reference, you can check this article: Restore a backup company file.


Please let me know how it goes by clicking the Reply button below. I'll be here if you have any other concerns. Have a good one. 

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