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"Send Forms" quit working with yahoo email

Using QB 2013 Desktop. (Don't hate on me!) On this laptop I sent customer statements in June using the "webmail" setup and a yahoo email account. Worked fine. Now it's telling me QB does not support the email program I am using. I've tried deleting the yahoo account, restarting QB, and adding it. Same thing. Tried gmail. Same thing I haven't upgraded QB because I haven't needed to. I use my outlook account at home and it works fine, but I don't have that on my laptop.

Any ideas? I know QB no longer supports QB2013 and I've held out as long as possible. Are they forcing me to upQB email error.jpg QB email setup.jpg grade? 

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QuickBooks Team

"Send Forms" quit working with yahoo email

Hello there, WV-CPA.

I recognize the importance of being able to send forms in your company file smoothly. This allows your customers to receive sales forms and other transactions in time. Let me point you in the right direction to resolve the issue.

You’re correct, QuickBooks 2013 is no longer supported. That’s why you’re unable to email transactions in your company file. For more details, you can browse this article: QuickBooks Desktop service discontinuation policy and upgrade information.

To help you get back on track, I recommend upgrading the desktop program to the latest version. This is to ensure you can use all features and other add-on services seamlessly. For a better comparison of each QuickBooks version, you can visit this site: 

I’m adding some links below to help with the upgrade process. These resources outline the complete steps on how to install the program, prepare your company file, etc: Choose your QuickBooks Desktop product.



Keep in touch if you still have concerns about emailing transactions and other QuickBooks processes. I’m always ready to assist further. Have a great rest of your day.

Level 2

"Send Forms" quit working with yahoo email

Thanks. That figures. It's a forced retirement. What email services does the new QB versions work with? I'll go look but trying to find nuances like that can be difficult on the QB website. Thanks again.


"Send Forms" quit working with yahoo email

Hello @WV-CPA,


I appreciate you for getting back to us here in the Community. I can share some information about the supported email services in the newer QuickBooks versions.


The Desktop version of the product supports most of the email providers available. As long as they aren't using a Starttls encryption, you should be able to connect.


You can check out this link for the list of email services together with their SMTP servers: Connect your email to QuickBooks Desktop.


If you want to navigate the newer version before purchasing, I recommend using our test drive. To download, you can follow the detailed instructions in this link: Download a trial of QuickBooks Desktop.


I've also attached an article you can use to know more about the email apps you can integrate with QuickBooks: System requirements for QuickBooks Desktop 2021.


Let me know if you have any other questions about the emailing features or sending statements. I'll be happy to help you some more.

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