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Sorry, we can’t update your account. Please wait a few hours and try updating again.(163) More info

Thanks for posting here in the Community, @masaambulette.


I'm here to share some information about the error you're getting in QuickBooks Online (QBO).


This has been reported as an ongoing issue with the investigation number INV-25075. Our Product Engineers are diligently working to get it fixed as soon as possible.


While we don't have a firm timeline for when this investigation will be resolved, I highly suggest contacting our Phone Support team so they can add your company details to the list of affected users. Once you're added, we can immediately notify you once the issue has been fixed and provide you the resolution.


Here's how to reach them:


1. Go to:
2. Choose your QuickBooks product at the upper right.
3. Select a topic.
4. Click on the green button that says Get Phone Number.​


Thanks for your understanding and patience while we look into this. Let me know in the comment section if you have any follow-up questions or concerns. You take care always.

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That is happening to me too. How do i fix?


Thanks for joining us here in the Community, @asbajaj.


Let's perform some steps to help fix this QuickBooks Online (QBO) error so we can get you back to working order. 


First, let's use a private browser when accessing your account to know if it's a browser-related issue. This is for us to ensure your browser isn't storing any data in the cache. The stored cache helps your browser quickly load the pages. However, too many of them may affect the browsing performance thus, causing QBO to encounter errors. Depending on your browser, here's how:


  • Ctrl+ Shift + N (Google Chrome)
  • Ctrl + Shift + P (Mozilla Firefox)
  • Ctrl + Shift + P (Internet Explorer)
  • Command + Shift + N (Safari)

Once logged in, let's manually update your downloaded bank transactions in the Banking tab to see if this refreshes your bank transactions. Here's how:

  1. Go to the Banking menu.
  2. Click Update


 If it works, this means that you need to clear your browser's cache so the system can start fresh. Then, do the task again using a regular browser. Please refer to this article on how to clear cache: How to clear the cache on my browser?


However, if the problem persists, use another compatible browser instead: Use a supported QuickBooks Online browser. 


Also, I'll be adding this article for future reference in case you can't download your transactions or having a bank error: Things to do if I can't download transactions or having a bank error in QBO.


Fill me in if you have more queries about managing your banking QBO. I'm a Reply away to assist you further. Stay safe and have a productive day, @asbajaj.

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In November of 2020 I am still having this issue and all the recommended steps to resolve this do not work. Intuit developers are not fixing this, I am convinced. 

QuickBooks Team

I appreciate you for performing the troubleshooting steps, AshleyLaMar.


Since error 163 persists, I recommend contacting our QuickBooks Online Support. Our representatives can securely check your account and verify the main cause of the issue.


You can get their full contact information via the Help icon. Here's the complete process:

  1. Go to the Help menu.
  2. Select Talk to a human.
  3. Type in error 163 in the Type something field.
  4. Click the send icon.
  5. Choose I still need a human.
  6. Click Contact Us.
  7. Select the Send a message button.
  8. Enter the necessary details, then click Continue.


I've included an article about manually downloading the latest available transactions in QuickBooks. There, you can read the step by step process:  Manually download Transactions.


Additionally, it's important to review all the downloaded bank transactions. Doing so ensures you have an accurate record. I encourage you to check out this article to learn more: Categorize and Match Online Bank Transactions.


You can always get back to us for other banking concerns. This way, we'll be able to provide an accurate solution.

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