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Upgrade 2013 to 2018

We are currently running Quickbooks Desktop Pro 2013 on a Windows 7 machine. We have now bought a new computer running Windows 10 1709 and want to migrate to this new workstation using QuickBooks Pro 2018. Are there any specific instructions or runbooks on how to do this ? Ideally we don't want to upgrade on the old workstation as it has some issues.

QuickBooks Team

Hey there, info. I'm happy to know you're interested in u...

Hey there, info.

I'm happy to know you're interested in upgrading your QuickBooks program.

Before you decide to upgrade the software, you might want to check the system requirements first to avoid any issues during the installation and activation process. Here's the link: System requirements for QuickBooks 2018 and Enterprise Solutions 18.0.

Once you've checked the system requirements, you are now ready to install and activate the program on your new computer!

For the detailed instructions, please check out this article: How to Install QuickBooks Desktop.

If you need a hand when installing your new software, just let me know. I'd be delighted to help you all the way. Thank you for visiting the Community, and welcome to the all new QuickBooks Desktop 2018.

Community Manager

Re: Upgrade 2013 to 2018

Hi there @info41 ,


Here's a great article with some detailed steps on how to upgrade:


Upgrade to a new QuickBooks Desktop version