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Upgrade data from Enterprise 12 to 19

I have a client still running Enterprise 12 and we are upgrading to 19. Is there any problems upgrading their data files with such a big jump in versions or will the v12 data files upgrade to 19 ?


Best answer 06-11-2019

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Re: Upgrade data from Enterprise 12 to 19


Upgrade to 2015 or 2016 would be enough prior to 2019.

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Re: Upgrade data from Enterprise 12 to 19


QuickBooks will notify once your file is too old to upgrade. If your client doesn't have any license of QB 2019 yet, you could ask them to send you a dummy file then you could try converting it using the trial license. If the conversion is failed, you have to try converting it on lower version (2015 or 2016) as a stepping stone. Otherwise, your client has to purchase a conversion service.


Re: Upgrade data from Enterprise 12 to 19

Good day, INEEDBOB.

You've got me here today to share some information regarding upgrading QuickBooks Enterprise from 2012 to 2019.


As Fiat Lux referenced, you will need to upgrade your 2012 data files in a lower version of QuickBooks since updating the files with such a long jump might give you an error while upgrading it.


Before installing and using QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 2019, it is important to know the necessary system requirements. This will ensure that QuickBooks is compatible with your computer and will help avoid problems when you start using the program. After that, you can create a backup copy of your company file and restore it.


To create a backup copy, here's how:


  1. Switch to single user mode. (File > Switch to Single-user Mode).
  2. From the QuickBooks File menu, select Backup Company then Create Local Backup.
  3. On the Create Backup window, select Local Backup then click the Options button.
  4. On the Backup Options window that appears, click Browse and select the location for the backup copy.
    NOTE: It's a good idea to save backups somewhere other than your main local drive in case of a system failure. If you have a file hosting service (such as DropBox), flash drive or other removable media, you may want to select it here.
  5. When you have chosen, click OK.
  6. Look over the other options on this page and select any that you like. Each option is explained in detail below. Click OK when you're done.
  7. In the Create Backup window, click Next.
  8. Choose whether to save your backup now, schedule future backups, or both:

You can follow the steps to download and install the QuickBooks Desktop. See the steps below:


  1. From the Downloads & Updates page, select your product and version.
  2. If you don't know what version you use, see Not sure what version you use?
  3. Select Download.
  4. See How to Install QuickBooks Desktop ( for Windows) or check out this quick video.

These articles are a good reference:


If you'd like to go through this over the phone, you can call our QuickBooks Desktop Support who will be happy to assist you.


Feel free to drop a reply below if you have additional upgrade concerns. Have a good one.

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Re: Upgrade data from Enterprise 12 to 19

Hi, and thank you! I am familiar with all all that, but the main question would be What version should i upgrade it to and in what order? In other words, Do you recommend upgrading from 12 to 15 then 17 then 19? or just a single jump from 12 to17 then 19? etc.

I dont want to download and create trials for all versions to upgrade a version at a time. I would like to know what is required to minimize the upgrading of multiple large company files if possible.

Thanks for your assistance!

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Re: Upgrade data from Enterprise 12 to 19


Upgrade to 2015 or 2016 would be enough prior to 2019.

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