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I have Desktop Pro 2017 with Payroll Enhanced subscription for one year. I spoke to an Intuit Rep on how much to pay for and upgrade to Desktop Pro 2020. she told me I have 2 options of purchase. Option 1 is for $299.95 and for 3 years and also a standalone. with no customer support.  Option: 2 is $149.95 for Pro Plus and has unlimited subscription for customer support.  What i don't understand is next year I have to pay the $299.95 and that will cost in 2 years $149.95 + $299.95 = $449.90.  the 2nd Option is Customer support & data backup and no additional subscription. I am sounding dumb but how come she told to best choose is #2 option when I am paying less with more options and yet paying next year $299.95.  I am a small company with 3 employees and don't need more than what I can afford. My company is shutdown till this virus has run its course and then we try to get income to start up again.  We are a car transporter.  Government funding is tight.  So, what am I not understanding the 2 options and told Option 2 for less price is more viable for our company?

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QuickBooks Team


Hello, 736904. 


I just responded to your other post, Here's a link to it below. If you have any other questions, please reach out there.


Thank you and have a nice afternoon

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