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Stripe Rates and Fees

Here is an explanation of fees charged.This applies to you if your invoices say  "powered by Stripe" at the bottom.Transaction % Fee - Percentage taken out of the transaction.

Swiped Transactions (not available for Stripe yet) Keyed Transactions Invoiced Transactions
2.4% 3.4% 2.9%

Per Transaction Fee - $0.25 Per Transaction fee for allStripe transactions.​Dispute Fee - $10.00 - $15.00.Reject Fee - None at this time.ACH (check processing) Fee - No Transaction Fee for ACH payments.Termination Fee - None for Stripe.Monthly Fee - None for Stripe.Setup Fee - None for stripe.Annual Fee - None for Stripe.

To see Stripe's Terms of Service please go to

Additional information 

How are my transactions deposited into my bank?The transactions that you process for the day will be combined. We take out the transaction fees for each transaction and deposit the net.

Do I get charged when processing a refund?No, you will only be billed the discount fee and the per transaction fee ONE time (no fee on refunds).

 If I refunds card do I get the fees back?No, If you refund a card you are still responsible for the processing fees on the SALE only. You will not be assessed any fee for the refund.

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