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Job costing: How does it work in Intuit Online Payroll?

Our payroll service helps you manage job costs for free!

Your customer and item lists are already in QuickBooks Desktop, so by syncing that information with your Intuit Online Payroll account, you can use it to create paychecks and then send the payroll information back to QuickBooks Desktop, giving you better visibility into your job costs.

How job costing works in Intuit Online Payroll

Set up job costing

  • We'll guide yo through setting up job costing so that you can send payroll information to and from QuickBooks Desktop.
  • We'll also help you set some preferences in Intuit Online Payroll that turn on job costing.
  • After you turn on job costing, we can sync your QuickBooks Desktop customer and item lists with Intuit Online Payroll. Any time you update customer lists and item lists, the information is available in Intuit Online Payroll.

Create paychecks in Intuit Online Payroll

  • On payday, you can quickly create paychecks that include job costing information. Just pick your employee's customer job and service item and enter the hours.

Export checks to QuickBooks Desktop

  • After you create paychecks, you export them over the Internet to QuickBooks Desktop as checks.
  • Once the data is in QuickBooks Desktop, yo can use job costing reports to analyze the full costs of your jobs, including the payroll costs from Intuit Online Payroll.

How we sync your QuickBooks Desktop information with Intuit Online Payroll

  • Job costing in Intuit Online Payroll uses Intuit Sync Manager, our service that lets you send information over the Internet from QuickBooks Desktop to Intuit Online Payroll. The data passes through the Intuit App Center, the same web-based data center that processes millions of financial transactions for other Intuit customer, so you can feel confident that your information will remain secure.
  • If you currently export your paychecks to QuickBooks Desktop, you'll continue to export, but the data will get sent back and forth to QuickBooks Desktop using Intuit Sync Manager.
  • Part of what you do during job costing setup is create the Intuit App Center connection between Intuit Online Payroll and QuickBooks Desktop.

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