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Connect QuickBooks Commerce to ShipStation

Learn how to connect QuickBooks Commerce to ShipStation.

You can now connect QuickBooks Commerce to ShipStation to speed up your order process and fulfillment. We’ll show you how.

Step 1: Allow the connection

  1. Go to
  2. Select AUTHORIZE to connect your QuickBooks Commerce account.
  3. Save your sign in credentials for the setup.

Step 2: Create a ShipStation Marketplace

  1. Sign in to ShipStation, then go to Settings.
  2. Select Connect a Store or Marketplace.
  3. Select QuickBooks Commerce.

Step 3: Connect QuickBooks Commerce

  1. With the sign in credentials you saved from step 1, fill in the account details.
  2. To ensure your details are correct, select Test Connection.
  3. When you’re ready, select Connect.
Note: Once you connect QuickBooks Commerce to ShipStation, we set the settings to provide you the best experience.

Step 4: Set up your store

  1. In the Store Settings tab, enter QuickBooks Commerce as your store name. You can explore the rest of the options, but at this time, it’s best to leave them be. 
  1. When you’re done, select Save Changes.
  2. Go to your ShipStation account, then select Refresh to pull through the orders.

Note that ShipStation only pulls in Sales Orders once they’re finalized in QuickBooks Commerce.

ShipStation tips

  • ShipStation doesn’t allow partial quantities (example, 2.5 units) in order line items. 

When you create orders in QuickBooks that you want to ship through ShipStation, ensure that you use whole numbers.

  • The system ignores any mismatches in shipping costs between QuickBooks Commerce and ShipStation. Ensure that you fulfill shipping costs through QuickBooks Commerce.
  • You’ll have to manually handle any number mismatches in your accounting app.
  • ShipStation requires a valid country code for shipping and billing addresses. The connection attempts to map country names to country codes, but if we can’t find a valid mapping, we’ll set the country as you have it in QuickBooks Commerce.

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