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Pack a sales order with barcodes

Learn how to scan barcodes when packing your sales order in QuickBooks Commerce.

In QuickBooks Commerce, packing your sales order is easier and more convenient with the use of a barcode scanner. Here’s how.

Note: Make sure to connect your bluetooth barcode scanner to your computer. 

For barcodes, we recommend EAN13/ UPC. For barcode scanner, you can use any USB or Bluetooth barcode scanner, however, most users recommend the Bluetooth Socket Mobile barcode scanning product range.

Step 1: Finalize your sales order

  1. In QuickBooks Commerce, go to Sales Orders, then select Orders.  
  2. Add your products and quantity. 
  3. To change the state of the Sales Order from Active to Finalized, select Finalize. Learn more about Picking, Packing & Fulfilling Sales Orders.

Step 2: Create a shipment

  1. On your Finalized sales order form, go to Shipments, and select +Manual.qbo-salesorder----01.jpg
    This will open a New Shipment form. First-time users will see a pop-up on barcode scanning function.
  2. On the New Shipment form, switch Barcode Scanning to ON. You’ll see a notification that barcode scanning has been enabled.

Note: If Barcode Scanning is switched off, you can’t scan in the quantities, but you can type them in manually.

Step 3: Scan the items

  1. Start scanning the items with the scanner.

    Note: Scanning an item will reduce the quantity in the Not Packed column, and increase the quantity in the  Qty Packed column by one unit.  You’ll see a pop-up notification for the scanned item.

Step 4: Pack the sales order

  1. After scanning all the items, select Create to finish packing the order and mark it as Packed.
  2. Select Ship to mark the order as fulfilled.

If you are packing a long order, you can scan a few items, then create the shipment to save your progress. You can then edit the shipment and scan more items to update packed numbers. After packing all the items, the Not Packed column for all rows will have zeros.

To pack some parts of the sales order, select Ship after scanning only a part of the items needed to fulfill the order. This lets you select parts of the sales order for separate packing and shipping. 

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