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Time Tracking (TT) setup flow

This article covers time tracking setup and window-by-window assistance.

Benefits of time tracking

  • Save time by no longer having to collect manual time sheets and inputting the hours
  • Save money by no longer paying employees for time not worked
  • Eliminate hour entry errors
  • Automatically have overtime calculated for you

Setup flow

  1. To get started, below Time Clock, Timesheets, click Learn about this additional service (or click Track Hours Worked if the Learn More link was already clicked) .


  2. Select a time tracking option: "How Do You Want Employees to Enter Their Hours?"

    Select the time tracking option you want to use to track employee hours.

  3. If you chose Time Clock, enter the company's ID and passcode.

    The Time Clock ID and Passcode are used to log in to the time clock at the work location where employees clock in and out.

    Optional: Select to have employees enter a PIN to clock in and out. This prevents accidental or fake time clock entries, such as one employee clocking in or out for another employee.

  4. Set up the overtime calculations.

    In the Overtime Calculations window, click View or customize overtime policies to adjust their overtime policy.

    Each state has its own legal requirements for calculating overtime pay. The setup will show the maximum number of hours the employee can work before employers must start paying overtime. In multistate situations, the overtime policy will follow the strictest state.

    Select the start of their work week. The beginning of the work week determines when the clock starts ticking to calculate overtime pay. Remember, overtime is based on a work week and not an actual pay schedule:

    • work week: the hours or days worked in a week
    • pay schedule: how often employees are paid

  5. Set up secondary approvers: "Does Anyone (other than you) Approve Employees' Hours?"

    Choose to set up secondary approvers. These approvers will log in at, review timesheets, and approve them. When running payroll, the approval stamp will show in the Pay Day window.

    Note: Only current employees listed on payroll can be set up as approvers.

  6. Set up: "Employee Hours - How are they entered and approved?"

    In this window, select which employees will use time clock or timesheets, and if an approver can approve their timesheet.

    Note: Salaried and commission-only employees and contractors are not supported through our Time Tracking service.

    After you click Continue, employees and approvers are automatically enabled for


    2 emails are sent:

    • login information.
    • Instructions on how to record hours.


    2 emails are sent:

    • login information.
    • Instructions on how to approve hours.

    Example email sent to approvers about approving hours:

    Title: You'll Be Approving the Hours that Employees Enter

    Dear Anna Smith:
    Your employer, Flowers and More, has assigned you to approve the hours entered by other employees. You'll approve their hours by signing in to each pay period (we'll email you reminders). This is the website you currently use to look at your pay stubs.
    To approve employees' hours each pay period:
    1. Sign in to
    2. Click the Timesheet Approvals tab.
    3. Review the hours that employees have entered.
    4. Select the timesheets that look OK.
    5. Click Approve.
    To unapprove a timesheet, click it, then click Unapprove.
    If you don't approve all the timesheets before Flowers and More runs payroll, that's OK: your approval is recommended, but not required.
    If you have questions about the employees you've been assigned, or about signing in to, contact Flowers and More
    Paycheck Records
  7. Review your time tracking setup.

    Time Tracking setup is completed! The Time Clock, Timesheets section on the Setup tab is updated:

    • Company Settings: Brings you back to Step 2.
    • Employee Settings: Brings you back to Step 6
    • Review Setup Instructions: Gives a brief overview how each service works.

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