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What to do about extra user subscriptions going away

Learn what you can do if you get an email or message about extra user subscriptions going away.

If your business uses QuickBooks Online, you might see these messages:

  • “Extra user subscriptions are going away”
  • “Some of your users will lose account access...”

Why you’re seeing these messages

Each version of QuickBooks has a maximum number of users that can access your books. In the past, you were able to add additional users beyond that limit. But now, you’ll need to stick to the number of users allowed in each version. This is so you have the version that’s designed to handle the users you need.

Important: If you’re over the user limit for your plan, be sure to upgrade or remove users before July 31, 2019. After that, some of your users might not be able to access your books anymore. QuickBooks will remove the most recently added users first until you get to the limit for your subscription.

Here’s how many users you can have in each version of QuickBooks:

QuickBooks Online plan limits
Simple Start Essentials Plus Advanced
Classes and locations (combined) 0 0 40 No limit
Chart of accounts 250 No limit
Billable users 1 3 5 25
Other user types (unbilled):
Accountant 2 3
Reports-only 0 No limit No limit
Time tracking-only 0 No limit

Learn more about usage limits.

What you can do

If you’re the QuickBooks master admin for your company, check your user list and see if you need more users than your plan allows. To check your user list, go to Settings ⚙ and select Manage Users.

If you need more users, you can upgrade to another version of QuickBooks to increase your user limit. But if you don’t need more users, you can remove the users you don’t need.

Learn about QuickBooks Online Advanced

QuickBooks Online Advanced is built for businesses that need more users. It gives you up to 25 billable users. It’s designed to give you room to grow your business, get deeper insights, dedicated support, and easy collaboration.

Learn more about QuickBooks Online Advanced, or try it out anytime in Test Drive.

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