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Problems accessing or using the Merchant Service Center

If you're a QuickBooks, GoPayment or eCommerce user and you have or experience any of the following issues, this article contains steps you can perform.

  • "You don't have permission to access this site." or other errors when attempting to log in
  • "Need a confirmation code"
  • Pages displaying incorrectly or not at all
  • Incorrect or missing data
  • Issues printing from the Merchant Service Center
  • Script errors
  • Problem exporting data

Cookies must be enabled on the browser being used to access the Merchant Service Center otherwise you will get stuck at the Signing in... screen or similar problems will occur. This applies to all computer's and tablet's browser settings.

If you have multiple users that can access the Merchant Service Center, there may be a problem with access or login rights. For help with this type of issue, see Problems with the user roles in the Merchant Service Center.

If GoPayment is part of the processing options for the payments account in question, then any associated logins used must be in email format or problems activating the account, logging-in or accessing certain features will occur. This is due to the GoPayment requirement that all associated logins be in email format (e.g. See Alternate method for changing the email and login name linked to a service for information on changing the email/login.

If you keep getting the message "Need a confirmation code..." when trying to access the Merchant Service Center, refer to Multi-factor authentication (MFA) FAQ.

If links are missing, features are not working as expected or pages are not displaying correctly (or not at all), once you log in you may need to configure or clear your browser settings. Since all Windows based browsers are emulations of Internet Explorer, we design our web-based applications for Internet Explorer specifically and therefore must perform all diagnostic steps in Internet Explorer to determine the root-cause of an issue. Once we have done that, we can move to other browsers to determine their compatibility. See How do I clear the temporary Internet files and cache? for steps to clear the cache in various browsers.

NOTE: [Ctrl]  [Shift]  [Del] is the common short cut to clear the cache on most browsers.

For problems accessing the Merchant Service Center website in general refer to Configure Internet Explorer to work with QuickBooks payments and related applications

Since additional security applications can also control access to the internet and block access to secured sites such as ours, you may need to configure those applications. see the article - Configuration information for firewall/security software when using merchant services.

Our payments applications use Java and Flash (Adobe player)  for many of the display, printing and exporting features. Use the following links to ensure these applications are correctly installed and at their most recent release update. Note that when exporting data from the Merchant Service Center, a suitable application that can read .csv formatted data needs to be installed on the system performing the download.

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