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Intuit Online Payroll Mobile App: iOS (iPhone/iPad)

The QuickBooks Payroll mobile app allows you to pay employees anytime and anywhere through your iOS mobile device or iPad. This is a free app available from the Apple App Store. This article gives you a general overview of the app.

Getting Started

Signing in

  1. Tap the app to launch and reach the sign in page.
  2. Employers - Sign In - For accounts that are migrated to the new authentication system.
    IOP Accountants - Sign in here - For accounts that are not migrated to the new authentication system yet.

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  3. Enter your login credentials.


  • MFA is enabled for mobile users.
  • If you're not a current customer but wish to learn more about our service, tap Sample Payroll or Learn More.
    Sample Payroll takes you into a sample account that will allow you to test and evaluate many product features.

Menu for accountants

If you're an accountant who participates in Intuit Online Payroll's Accounting Professionals Program, you can navigate between clients:

  1. From the menu, tap Settings.
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Running Payroll

Paying Employees

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    • Select the dates to select a pay period and pay date.
      If a pay date results in a missed deadline for direct deposit, you'll be prompted to log into your account on the web, and change the pay method from direct deposit to manual check.
    • Select the hours field to enter the employee's hours worked.
    • Select the arrow for additional pay options.
    • If you do not want to pay the employee, disable PAY THIS EMPLOYEE, then  Done.
    • When you're done, select Review to preview payroll.

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Paying Contractors

Not available to QuickBooks Full Service Payroll

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Additional Payroll/Employee Information

From the menu, Select History.

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From the menu, select Payroll > Employee name > Recent Checks.

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From the Employees section, you can select the employees name to view employee and contractor details, as well as current vacation balances.

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Note: Any changes to an employee or contractor profile must be made through your regular account on the web, and not through the mobile app.)

Taxes & Forms

View Taxes and forms due

To view tax payments and forms due, select Taxes.

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  2. Tap the tax you want to pay or form you want to file.
  3. E-pay and E-file the form.

Account & Settings

Remembered Payroll

If you are entering the same hours for your hourly employees every week, your recent inputs on the device will get saved. This feature will save you lots of valuable time.

Other Settings

  • Sign Out - select the Settings icon at the top left corner. You'll be automatically signed out of payroll on the iPad if you log into your account from another location. Select
  • Company (Accountants Only) - allows you to change between linked companies.
  • User ID - displays the ID you are currentlty logged in with.
  • Sounds - turn the apps sounds on and off.
  • Call Us - call us directly from your device (if supported).
  • Email Us - send feedback about the app to our Mobile team (this email is not for support with your payroll account)
  • Rate the App - tap to rate our app!
  • FAQs - access a list of top questions, tap on a question to see the answer.
  • Privacy Policy - review Intuit's corporate privacy policy.
  • Terms of Service - review Intuit's service agreement.

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