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1099 Mapping

I have my 1099 accounts mapped. However, there is one specific vendor payment that should be omitted from the 1099 (all other vendor payments to this account should be mapped to box 7, which is how I have the account mapped). This same vendor has other payments to this same account that I do want included on the 1099. Is it possible to omit a specific payment from a 1099?

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1099 Mapping

If you pay a vendor, and they are eligible for a 1099, then all payments are reported.

No you can not mark one payment as not for a 1099 when it hits the mapped expense account. post it to a different expense account



trying to reimburse expenses to a vendor is dicey, if you get the original receipts for the expense, then you have documentation for the expense, but if he keeps them he may also deduct that expense, which would be wrong.


he is in business and has expenses and income, he should invoice you his customer for his expenses, service and markup, then you pay him, that is his income.

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