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About AZ TPT Tax

My company (in California) went to Arizona and attended one trade show, we sold some products, for those sales, they are supposed to be charged sales tax, right?

but if we sold and shipped products from our place California to the customer who lives in Arizona, do we still need to charge the customer sales tax? We have Arizona TPT license, but it is for event location.



QuickBooks Team

Re: About AZ TPT Tax

Welcome to the Community, @Ivy2019.


Let me provide a few information about the Arizona TPT license.


You're right! Your customer should be charged sales tax since you have TPT license for that event in Arizona. However, this license isn't applicable when shipping product from California to Arizona.


To clear it up, I suggest contacting the state agency so they can provide further information about the Arizona TPT Tax and sales tax collection.


You might want to check the link shared by @john-pero on this thread about the sales taxability in Arizona:


In addition, you can read this article to learn more about the US Sales Tax - Sourcing: US Sales Tax.


In case you need tips and related articles in the future, visit our QuickBooks Community help website for reference: QBDT Self-help.


Don't hesitate to let me know if you have other concerns with QuickBooks. I'll be around if you need any help.

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Re: About AZ TPT Tax

Hi Mark_R, thank you so much for your great help, I really appreciate it.

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Re: About AZ TPT Tax

Yes, when you sell in AZ at a trade fair, you collect and remit AZ sales tax for your sales.  Same is true for any state that has sales tax and you sell at a trade fair


With the Supreme Court messing up sales tax, yes being in CA and selling to an AZ address does require your collecting AZ sales IF


IF, you sell More than $200,000 for calendar year 2019; more than $150,000 for calendar year 2020; and more than $100,000 for calendar year 2021 and subsequent calendar years


You track the sales yourself, after you hit the amount required, only sales after that are subject to sales tax

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Re: About AZ TPT Tax

Thank you so much, it  really helps!

Content Leader

Re: About AZ TPT Tax

It's great to hear you were able to get assistance here in the Community, Ivy2019. Help is just a post or comment away if you ever need help again in the future.

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