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Adding Final Job Costs

I have a security company and I am finding it hard to add final job costs to each job.


For instance we add a CCH line on every job (Cable Connectors & Hardware) the cost to that is different with every project, when I am going to invoice the project how do I add the exact cost to that line item, the same goes labor on each job, we may quote 2 days but it takes us 3 I cant bill for the 3rd day but I need to cost against the job.


Thank You



Adding Final Job Costs

Hello there, sbazinet.


Let me share a few information with you about how job costing works.


In QuickBooks Online (QBO), only Quantity tracking has the ability to track the cost. Cost can be setup on the product that you create. Every time you create invoice, the cost will automatically calculate based on the Cost of the product.

Therefore, there's no need for you to create a bill. COGS will be recorded once you invoice a project to a customer.


Once you open the Profit and Loss report, the COGS will populate based on the invoice you created.


To learn more about Job costing in QBO, you can check out this article: Job costing.


Should there'll be any other questions about job costing, feel free to leave me a reply below. I'd be glad to answer them for you.

Level 1

Adding Final Job Costs

Thank You Charles


But this does not really help me putting cost to products in certain cases as I stated the same product may have a different cost from one customer to another customer.

Labor for example, if we bid 3 days to complete a project I know what my set cost is per day, but if the project takes 4 days I need to add the 4th day labor cost in but not charge the customer, same goes for my CCH line (cable connectors & hardware) that cost differs from one job to the next. How do I add these per job/project costs? 


Thank you 




QuickBooks Team

Adding Final Job Costs

Hi there, @sbazinet.


I appreciate the details that you've provided. Allow me to provide additional insights about adding job cost in QuickBooks Online. 


Currently, adding an extra job cost for a specific job/project in QuickBooks Online isn't available. However, you can use the options available on the Add to Project menu to add a time for the project.


Let me guide you how:

  1. From the left menu, select Projects.
  2. From the list in the Projects window, select the project to work on.
  3. Select the transaction to add from the Add to project drop-down list. The Project name and customer details are automatically added to the transaction window.
  4. Enter details about the transaction in the appropriate fields.
  5. Enter the vendor/vendor's name, then fill in the other details. You can also add multiple projects on multiple lines.
  6. Select Save.

To learn more about this process, please visit this article: Projects: Set up and Use


Also, I'd encourage you sharing this idea to our Product Developers by sending feedback. This way, they'll be able to determine the features that need to be added for future the updates. You can do this by clicking on the Gear icon and select on Feedback.


This amount of information should get you moving today, @sbazinet. Please let me know if I can be of additional assistance. I'll be around to help you out. Have a great day!

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