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Another price increase

Hi QuickBooks team!

Wow! Another price increase! This is now about double when I started using this software, just a mere four years ago.

I don’t use many of the features in QuickBooks. Is there a separate ‘light user’ version of this? I can’t really justify the $300 per year for sending invoices, when the software I use to do the actual work costs less than this.

Let me know, maybe I am using the wrong product! I send invoices, and find having the customer database to be very useful. I have started receiving money through QB, only for customer convenience, because this is a service for which I also pay a fee.


your long-time Intuit customer (from before Mac Quicken Essentials and Trubo Tax ever since the first time I filed my own taxes!)


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QuickBooks Team

Re: Another price increase

I appreciate you sharing your thoughts, @SciEditor.


I understand that price increase is a huge factor affecting your business. Intuit constantly evolves to keep pace with your growing business.


As we stay true to our commitment, we continue to strive in finding new ways to make sure that your product meets your needs, based on your feedback. The price increase helps us reinvest in continuing to improve the features we already have and introduce new tools that will let our customers do more in less time.


You can learn more about how we reinvest in QuickBooks Online, read our QuickBooks Product Updates on the Firm of the Future Blog.


On the other hand, you can check our QuickBooks Online comparison chart so you'll be assisted in choosing the right QuickBooks version that will suit your needs.


By the way, if there are any features you'd like to learn more about, our Community articles can come in handy: 
You may also check out our video tutorials:

Keep me posted if you have other questions. I'm always here to help.

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