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Any recommendations on a mobile app for "on the go" orders?

Is there a mobile app that can be used to process customer orders on-the-go, and can either sync with our Quickbooks Enterprise 19 or export orders as a CSV so it can be sent via email? This app would be useful at events such as trade shows.


Side note: Costs may vary with each customer we deal with.

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QuickBooks Team

Re: Any recommendations on a mobile app for "on the go" orders?

Hello there, @bhi.


It's nice to see you again here in the Community. I'm here to get you pointed in the right direction so you'll be able to get your desired app. 


QuickBooks offers several mobile application that provides different functionality that meets your business needs. I'd suggest visiting our Intuit Marketplace and scan through our available apps that will suit your business needs. 


However, if you haven't found any, you may check out for a third-party application that offers the feature that you need. Make sure that it integrates with QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise. 


This should get moving today.


Keep me posted if you have any other questions about QuickBooks. I'll make sure your taken care of. Thanks for coming and have a great day!

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