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AP Aging Detail Report

QB Premier 2019, I have a custom field in vendors called "AP Notes" in this field we've added information that is needed for this vendor to pay their bills (such as vendor "Visa/MC only" or "Call Denice and the phone number).  So I have added "AP Notes" field to the AP Aging Detail report, but it prints blank, how do I get this field to print.?  I've tried custom reports/transaction detail but it doesn't work either.  All I want is: all open AP detail by vendor (date, invoice, due date, etc.) with the AP Notes on the report, is there any way to do this?  Or is their another way to get this information on this report?  Thanks, Wendi

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Re: AP Aging Detail Report

Hello, Wendi Jo.


The custom field you created will only show once it's part of the transaction field. Since we're unable to add a field on the vendor's transaction form, you can use the Memo section. Thus, you'll have to manually enter it in the form.


Here's a screenshot as your visual guide:


Please let me know if you still need more help.

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