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Attaching receipts in QuickBooks

I am using Quickbooks Premier and have over 20 companies.  I have not been able to attach files to transactions and am wondering if I need to set up the companies differently.  I have tried different companies and they only set up one Attach file.

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Attaching receipts in QuickBooks

Thank you for bringing this to my attention, @Beatriz1.


Let me help share some troubleshooting steps to resolve your issue.


Since we don't have any reported investigation about attaching files to transactions, you can perform the following steps below to fix this:


  1. Browse to the location where your company file is stored.
    Default location: C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\Intuit\QuickBooks\Company Files
  2. Make a new Attach folder.
  3. Rename Attach folder by adding "_OLD" to it.
  4. Create a new folder and name it Attach.
  5. Copy the contents from the old folder.
  6. In the new Attach folder, create a folder that matches the name of the company file. Open the new folder.
  7. Create new sub-folders named Inbox and TXN.
  8. Copy and paste contents over to respective new folders from their old counterparts.
  9. From the QuickBooks Company menu, select Documents then Repair Attached Documents Links
  10. Select Repair Links.

Also, sharing the attachments across multiple company files is not possible. If you need to do that, you'll have to make a unique copy for each company file.


You can refer to this article for more information about attaching files: QuickBooks Document Center: FAQs and common issues.


Keep me posted on how the steps went. I'll be here to help get this working for you.

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