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Automatic Invoice Numbering

I'm a small business and don't do a lot of invoices so I like to start each year off with "19001" and then keep track sequentially.  I guess I started in 2018 with "18001" and that worked fine.  Now in 2019 it keeps going sequentially from 18xxx and I have to manually change it each time I invoice.


Well, things are picking up and I'm tired of manually changing invoice numbers.  How do I change the auto invoice number to start sequentially from my last invoice in 2019 and then how do I change it in January to 2020 to be 20001?


Please help.

QuickBooks Team

Re: Automatic Invoice Numbering

Hello there, @SpumoniArchitect.


QuickBooks automatically change the sequence number recorded after entering the invoice manually. We don't have the option to automatically change the numbering yearly.


You'll have to manually change the sequence if you need to start a new sequence per year. 


For your future reference, you can read this article: How do I reset the invoice number counter?


Please let me know if you need anything else. Have a nice day!

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Re: Automatic Invoice Numbering

This should be easy to do.  Each time you record a new invoice (not edit an existing one) and you set the invoice number, QB uses that as a base for the next invoice number.   It does the same thing for checks in your bank account.


It's actually quite clever in this way.  For example, you can create an invoice number like 2019.0001 as your starting point and then QB will make the next invoice number 2019.0002.


You can even set up an alpha-numeric number and QB will figure that out too.  Something like INV1000 will become INV1001, and something like 1985.A.0001 will become 1985.A.0002 for the next invoice.  Even something like 1000FF will become 1001FF.