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Back up & License info

I currently use Enterprise 2019.  I have multiple entities I do accounting for, but need to "give" a company file to someone for them to start using on their computer - their software - I am no longer doing their accounting.  I just want to make sure that when they restore the back up file, none of my licensing or Intuit account information will restore when they use their own licensed software.  Seems like a stupid question, but just want to make sure.  Thank you.

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QuickBooks Team

Re: Back up & License info

Good day, @TxHillCountry,


I can provide some clarification about restoring a company file backup to a new location.


Creating a backup does not copy or affect your QuickBooks Desktop license. While it contains everything you need to re-create your company file, it will only recall the release version and the edition of the software it was previously installed to. It also includes all of the QuickBooks files such as; templates, letters, logos, images, and other features related to your company file.


To know more about the backup and restoring process, see these articles:


Create a backup of your company file.

Restore a backup company file.


You can also use a portable company file to transfer their company information. It contains a compact copy of the financial data that you can send by email or any portable media such as external or flash drive. You may check out the instructions from the following article: Create or restore a QuickBooks portable company file.


Please feel free to get back to me anytime if you need further help. I'll be more than happy to help you anytime. Have a good one!

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