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Back up

How do I integrate a back up file into my system and not lose the previous data?


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Re: Back up

When you restore from a backup it replaces all data with just the data in the backup so you WILL LOSE everything entered AFTER the backup was created.  The backup file full of data does NOT change when you restore. It remains exactly as it was and where it was - in case you need to restore again.

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Re: Back up

Thanks.  But I'm confused.  We're not backing up and restoring.  Our CPA is just copying and sending the qbw file from the Intuit/QuickBooks/Company files folder on her hard drive and I'm putting it in the same folder on my computer.  It worked seamlessly until we upgraded to 2019.  When it works, it takes much less time than backing up and then restoring.  It's also a much smaller file to transfer over the internet.


Re: Back up

Hi there, Oracle69,


Thanks for joining the thread. I'm here to provide information about Accountant's copy feature in QuickBooks Desktop.


In a perfect world, using the Accountant's copy feature, the client and accountant should use the same version or year of QuickBooks Desktop.


Yet, you can still work on the Accountant’s Copy using a different version as long as the gap between the versions is just one year, and the accountant has the more recent version.


Upon opening an Accountant's copy in a newer version of QuickBooks Desktop, the file needs to be upgraded since any changes made can be incorporated if they were made using a compatible version.


Moreover, if an accountant makes changes using features that are not available in the client's version of QuickBooks Desktop, the changes are not imported to the client's file.


If you have any other questions, please feel free to visit the Community again. I'm always here to answer it for you. Have a great day!

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