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Barcode Scanning goes to quantity

I have been setting up the bar coding system on quick books for my company, It is running fairly smoothly however the main problem I am facing is when I scan an item twice, or try to scan multiple items without returning to my computer and physically moving the cursor to the next item it automatically goes to the "quantity" column of that row. Why can I not get it to go to the next "item" column and row after I scan an item. This seems fairly inefficient as I don't want to have to be going back to my computer after I scan one product each time. Is there some sort of preference or function to get me to be able to scan an item, then have it drop down to the next item line? This seems like it definitely needs to be a feature for bar coding, as the efficiency of it gets a bit ruined by having to walk back and forth from the computer to the back of the inventory room. Any help would be appreciated, I am using a Nadamoo bar code scanner on Quickbooks Enterprise. I have tried programming the scanner to hit "tab" after each scan so that it goes back to the item column, however it is not working on Quickbooks - It does however work in excel and word, so I know the programming on the scanner is working, just not on quickbooks...

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Barcode Scanning goes to quantity

A scanned item will appear on the transaction as a new line item. In your case, you'll want to begin troubleshooting by updating your QuickBooks to the latest release. Let me guide you how.


  1. Go to Help. Then, Update QuickBooks Desktop.
  2. Click the Options tab, then select Mark All.
  3. Select Update Now tab, check the Reset Update box.
  4. Hit Get Updates.

Once done, restart your computer and try scanning an item again. I've added this article for more information about the barcode scanner.


You can also visit our page about QuickBooks Desktop help articles for tips and recommendations. If you run into any trouble please let me know. I'm only a reply away!

Level 1

Barcode Scanning goes to quantity

Unfortunately this did not work for me. Fully updated and restarted computer/QuickBooks and it still will jump to the Qty column after each scan. If I am reading right you are saying this is unintended? I have been looking into this a bit and it seems like this is actually how QuickBooks intends it to be, to go to quantity after the scan. That's what I've gathered from other posts and questions about this topic. I guess I was just hoping there was a way to change a setting for it to go to the next item column instead, but if you are saying it SHOULD be working like this already then maybe I just have a scanner that is not working as it is intended to be. Is anyone else having this same issue?

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