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Best course of action?

Where is the best place to get advice on how to efficiently get through QBO training?  I am a 28 year IT employee now looking to use my old Accounting degree and skills to learn how to use QBO.  I learn software fast by using it and my accounting skills are still pretty viable, definitely in bookkeeping where I created my own small accounting system for myself in WP and MYSQL.


Give that advanced set of details, I am getting VERY frustrated with Donna Kay's QBO "Computer Accounting with QBO".  It looks great other than the very fragile pages, but it seems there are a lot of inconsistent instructions with the online fake company.  I know QBO changes, but I am going so slow that I feel like just reading it all, take the test and find out even if I end up failing and wasting the money.  It will take forever to read and use.


Am I sound lost, or ignorant?  Is there anyone if QB with some similar issues?  It is hard to find a proper "guidance counselor".  I do not seek resolution more than just some hints about what I think I can do.  Perhaps 

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Re: Best course of action?

I'm glad to see you here in the Community, root32.


QuickBooks Online offers instructional materials and tutorials to make training easier for beginners. You'll see videos and webinars in this link:


For free guides, tools and articles on how to start and run a successful business, check this out: Getting Started for QuickBooks Online.


The tips and resources available to help manage the business even better can be found in our website.


We also have a QBO sample company. This allows you to play around or use its features without paying for a real account. Simply enter the data into the system, and try out some of the functions in QBO.


Click on this link to access the online sample company:


Please let me know if you have additional questions on how the program works. I’m always happy to help. Enjoy your day.